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What should happen in this situation with Judge Contini?

Posted 3 years.


  • Brett Knesz - 3 years ago

    I have had the privaledge to sit in his court room and listen to several cases presented . And I'm impressed with not only the professionalism but his compassion to the law and how he represents the position in which the people voted him in. Mr. Contini is a well seasoned advocate of and for the law. Period . He should run for a higher court or even find a position which would place the law of the land on notice that when it comes understanding the word judge in general is just that . He is the judge!!!!

  • Jon S. - 3 years ago

    SA Satz and his band of hooligan's are simply corrupt, incestuous, and lack any sort of compassion for anything that makes their "win" record less robust. Contini is fair and balanced and actually believes in what our country's officials have come to fail at: "A clear caring for people with a common-sense approach that people in a 'In God We Trust' court room, have wandered far from the idealism that made America great!"

    Satz has forgot that he works for the people as a public servant - he is not their master. The junior SA's that follow his lead and support him, are simply the same type of cancer tumor that has made the public distrust and have disdain for most public servants.

    I feel sorry for Satz and his demonic crew. They are some of the lost children of America.

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