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What should be the purpose, in your view, of autism research?

Posted 3 years.


  • Rennae - 2 years ago

    assisting the asd child and family understand how to best cope with asd. My some is now 14 and trying to get help us hard - siblings need assistance in processing their family issues as much as the parents. Also educating sporting coaches and people outside the know on how to deal with asd in their lives. EDUCATING SOCIETY IS STILL REQUIRED

  • Nat - 3 years ago

    Other than research into effective therapies, I think that acceptance is key. With all areas of the spectrum. For children and adults alike.
    As an adult with HFA/ADHD that went undiagnosed until my own childs diagnosis,
    I spent my whole life thinking that there was something wrong with me and being ridiculed for who i was /am by many people (including family).
    Autism awareness is wonderful and i am so glad for the interventions and therapies for my son. And it that don't cost anything.
    However, I feel that the system seems to 'forget' adults on the spectrum. I am trying to learn through my son and his interventions. However, I strongly believe that it would make a huge difference in my life to be able to at least have some help myself in learning more about who I AM (and always have been) rather than who I was told I was and what was "wrong" with me for the past 31 years.
    To be able to learn how to function better at home and in social situations so that my anxiety can be kept at bay...... There are so many opportunities... But unfortunately none that are available for me through my health insurance or any other avenue than to pay for it myself (which, unfortunately is not a viable option).
    Sorry for going of on a tangent there.....
    In a nut shell, therapies should be available for all of those diagnosed, whatever your age when you are diagnosed.

  • LE - 3 years ago

    Research into if it genetic and what gene is impacted especially when a family has more than one ASD child what risks for further babies of the parents and for the children with ASD

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