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Do you think it's a good idea to move the uni campus from Newnham to Inveresk?

  • Yes, it's a good idea to move
    109 votes

  • No, it should stay at Newnham
    191 votes


Posted 3 years.

1 Comment

  • Robin D Verhoeff - 3 years ago

    There should be more on the 'No' option such as 'No, I have not done my research and simply oppose for the sake of being difficult and narrow minded'. Firstly, there is ample space for a university on the site, secondly, most students don't drive and Newnham is a right pain to get to for those students making it a turn-off for students and three, every cent spent on this project will help the local economy so even if the Uni and government wanted to waste their money on something stupid and pointless, it would still help the local economy. If people actually did their research or actually went to university themselves, then they would see how lucrative the proposal is. The problem is far to many people who don't go to university and don't have anything to do with it seem to think that they as taxpayers will somehow suffer for this decision and vote against it because they don't understand it, hence the flaw in the democratic/voting system

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