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Oilers vs Penguins: Which center ice design is better? (Poll Closed)

    1,652 votes

    2,247 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • Modern Day - 9 years ago

    Bringing up Cups won over 20 years ago sounds like something whiny Habs fans would do. I guess the westerners want in on that action too. The Pens have won two Cups since the last time the Oil won anything. I guess this is just another competition they can't win.

    Re: Chris @ 4:32PM: "There logo is not better." Maybe, maybe not, but I would bet THEIR English is better! WOOOOOOOO!

  • Mario is God - 9 years ago

    Janet Gretzky is ultimately responsible for blowing this lead..... just like she blew her husband's $$$$$$$

  • Harry Balzac - 9 years ago

    ^Sidney Crosby, is that you???

  • Waaaaaaaaaaahmbulance - 9 years ago

    sorry, I'll shorten my name.

    I'm getting a call from the 780 area code for assistance.


  • Did somebody call for me?

  • Jimmy - 9 years ago

    Quoting Brandon: "Oil Suck! Sorry, but it had to be said."

    No, just no.

    I realize that after being at the bottom of the league for so long the penguins as a result got some high draft picks and therefor have become a good team again, better than the Oilers at the moment. Eventually they will be back in the basement though. Just as the Oilers will continue to have high points and low points. To measure the greatness of a franchise you have to look at it's entire history...

    Oilers. 5 stanley cups, entered the league in 1979.
    Pittsburg. 2 Stanley cups, entered the leage in 1967.

  • Davellalae - 9 years ago

    How could the Penguins have possibly gotten that many votes that fast when they were comming in so slowly before? This has to be rigged.

  • Johnny Nutsack - 9 years ago

    Who gives a crap about logos?!?

    In the end, all that matters are Stanley Cups...

    Oilers: 5
    Pens: 2

    nuff said...

  • Brandon - 9 years ago

    Oil Suck! Sorry, but it had to be said.

  • mimi - 9 years ago

    @ali i'm pretty sure the oiler fans should be more pissed since they DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE FINAL. The Pens logo is not the best in the league, imo, but its way better than the Oilers.

  • Jagoff - 9 years ago

    I don't know what an auto voter is or where I would get one, but even more embarrassing than hockey fans whining about the refs is hearing them whine about a meaningless poll. You lost... stop crying and get over it. The season starts in a couple weeks, so you can start sniveling about Bettman fixing the games soon enough.

  • Annie - 9 years ago

    Aesthetically speaking, the Penguins logo is far more interesting. The Oilers logo is just drippy letters in dull colors. With regards to people cheating, it's impossible, since it's counted by IP address. More people have just become aware of it is all.

    I guess the ridiculous accusations towards the Pens of cheating and being fixed doesn't stop at games - it has to go all the way to a meaningless poll on a blog. You people never cease to amaze me.

  • ali - 9 years ago

    pens fans are just pissed cuz they lost in final.
    I'm pretty sure most of the pens voters know edmontons is better
    but wow, how the hell does that happen.
    If this happened cuz pens fans voted just for the sake of winning, i think it's pretty sad, AND I know that it has happened before but I think people should realize this isn't too determine who wins, it's not a random vote, Its to decide who centre ice logo is better, and i am pretty sure that alot of people agree with me when I say the oilers is better. but not as good as boston and the isles.

  • Captain Awesome - 9 years ago

    I agree with Duder... it's hilarious what some people will do just to "win" meaningless things.

    Awesome, so some PC dork Pens fan rigged an auto-voter so their favorite team's logo would come out on top of an internet poll. What a frigging hosebag, penis-munching loser.

  • ~Phazon~ - 9 years ago

    Wow. This is fixed. Oilers were in the lead last night, now the wimpy Pens are. Let those wimpy Pens have their fake victory, cause we all know the Oilers are the true victors here.

  • Duder - 9 years ago

    haha, gotta love the losers with the auto-script voters. WTG computer dork, you fixed an online poll so your team would win, your life must feel complete now!

  • akus - 9 years ago

    Where were all the comments days ago, when the Oilers were up big over the Pens?

    Thanks but we have already counted your vote!
    One click.

  • TheFandangler - 9 years ago

    haha what jokes!... I guess Bettman got to this one too right?


  • Div - 9 years ago

    I wouldn't be to quick to peg Edmonton, and say that they are crying in anyway, late surges are late surges, and tho people may say, Pens fans are just voting for Pens logo, this is just a website, for entertainment purposes, tho its become addictive to visit on a daily basis. Its not like the Penguins, if they win gets a mention at the Espys or on TSN. As an Oil fan, I thought it would be a Sharks-Bruins final, I even voted for the Bruins. Whatever the outcome be, all is said on the ice, in real time.

  • Andrew - 9 years ago

    are you sure don? because i came back to check the progress of the pens comeback and to do so, voted, but it still said "We have already counted your vote."
    in any case, am I the only one who notices that whenever the penguins have success, whether it be on the ice or in relatively worthless competitions such as these, there's always a conspiracy theory floating? i expect that from philly or washington, but not edmonton.

  • chris - 9 years ago

    This poll isn't about which team has more fans but about which logo is better, and anybody who honestly thinks that the pens have a better center ice logo needs to get themselves checked out. Once again a poll is ruined by stupid fans who can't vote with an objective mind. No way the pens should have beat the Bruins and no way should the beat the oil. There logo is not better.

  • Rick - 9 years ago

    penguins have one of the gayest logos in the league, this is some kind of a joke!

  • Don K. Show - 9 years ago

    To be fair, you can't slam votes (i.e. vote, refresh, vote, refresh, etc.), but you can vote once a day and come back the next day and do so. I don't think that's outside the realm of fairness. Oiler fans have the same opportunity to do so, so should I say did have the chance.

    However, there's more than a few places that were NON-PENS and NON-OILERS sites that I saw this posted today. Being that I used my one vote today, it didn't matter. But what I'm saying is that there were a few places that it appeared within the last 24 hrs, which might explain the boost.

    Or if you don't like the outcome, then tell your friends to "help". Whatev.

  • T.I. - 9 years ago

    how did the penguins even make it out of the first round????

  • Joe - 9 years ago

    All I hear is that this is fixed the pens numbers doubled overnight. Boo frickin hoo. that just shows you that more pens out there wanted to see the pens win this. Quit your bellyachin an man up unless your an Oilers fan then i guess were going to hear this for awhile.

  • Mike, (Avs Fan) - 9 years ago

    Well, idk if the poll is fixed, but from an artistic standpoint, the Oilers center ice and logo is not in any way good looking. It's just the word "Oilers" with some cool lettering, and that's it. The Penguins have a mean-ass penguin with a hockey stick, now that's awesome!

  • shane - 9 years ago

    how did the pens double their votes in 1 day? seems a little fixed to me...

  • alt31 - 9 years ago

    yeah tom, the wimpy looking cartoon penguin vs the orange oil drip. what a stunner.
    this isn't the first time the penguins pulled out a lead late in the game.

  • tom174 - 9 years ago

    lol i cant believe the wimpy looking cartoon penguin is gonna win

  • sh0ez - 9 years ago

    Considering votes are bound by IP addresses, it only shows that there are more Pens fans or people just like the ice better than the Oil. They can't be fixed.

    People are always making excuses about the Pens beating them. =D

  • Travis - 9 years ago

    The Oil blew their lead faster then Wayne Gretzky blew the money he got from gambling with Rick Tocchet. WOOOO!

    Go Pens!

  • Jacob - 9 years ago

    Looks kind of shady. Pens votes literally doubled overnight.

  • Ian - 9 years ago

    If by fixed you mean that more Pens fans have voted thus far, then yeah it is fixed. But perhaps you should look at it from a different angle. The Oil love to blow leads. This isn't the first, won't be the last. GO PENS!!!

  • Jack - 9 years ago

    Wow, this poll is fixed

  • Steve - 9 years ago

    Wow. Looks like Pens fans did some campaigning. The Oil had double the votes earlier today.