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Posted 3 years.


  • Peter Barrett - 3 years ago

    The apathy of most Australians is made obvious by the outcomes of this poll. If you are going to be apathetic, people, you will get the government you deserve.

  • Frances mcmichael - 3 years ago

    If we are at war with terrorism, when will these war criminals answer our questions?
    Who will be the judge?

  • wayne johnson - 3 years ago

    seeking asylum is a right and its up to us as a society to protect them not abuse them

  • eric - 3 years ago

    Great stuff. Its great to see someone who can use satire to shine a light on Australia's dark record on Asylum seekers and refugees. Keep up the good work We need more of it. These poor people deserve help not torture and inhumane arrogance.

  • Fabia Claridge - 3 years ago

    This is brilliant !!! Well done Charlie Pickering. Please give us a lot more on this terrible dark issue. BTW do you need any refugee speakers or want to do any interviews with refugees? Contact me. I am waiting for you. . . .BTW Who is Winston Close?

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