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What length E-course would you be more likely to take?

Posted 3 years.


  • Doug Riley - 3 years ago

    Presentation must be interesting!
    Given that, any length.
    Presentation must be interesting!
    Online time should be 90 minutes or less.
    No, really, Presentation must be interesting!
    I'm disinclined toward supplemental (or required) reading.
    Online discussion? Not a prob.
    Did I mention: Presentation must be interesting!

  • Anamaria Anderson - 3 years ago

    hi! I voted for four weeks, but anything from 4-6 would work; the ones I've taken generally assigned reading for the week and used discussion boards. I also wanted to add that one-off videos demonstrating a decisive skill have worked well for me, too! Of course if you are teaching it a course of any length would appeal :)

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