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Choose the five cities that should be included in the Northeast Division. (Poll Closed)

  • Boston MA
    1,049 votes

  • Buffalo NY
    665 votes

  • Halifax NS
    687 votes

  • Hartford CT
    725 votes

  • Montreal QC
    1,441 votes

  • New York NY
    976 votes

  • Ottawa ON
    848 votes

  • Philadelphia PA
    566 votes

  • Pittsburgh PA
    555 votes

  • Providence RI
    291 votes

  • Quebec City QC
    1,069 votes

  • Toronto ON
    1,286 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • Ogre39666 - 9 years ago

    @ The Kyle:
    What Paploo and myself are saying is that we are tired of seeing teams from the same cities. How many time do we have to see names like NY Americans, or Patriots, or whatever. If the cities are new, the names will be new and original. Basically the point is is that this isn't real. Non-traditional cities will help inject some originality into the project, especially when the non-traditional cities are in essentially the same maket as their traditional-city counterparts.

  • The Kyle - 9 years ago

    Quit your whining ogre and paploo. In what universe are Boston, New York, Toronto and Montreal not going to a major league hockey team? If it makes you feel any better, Quebec is probably going to get a team. And Hartford and Halifax have more votes then Philly and Pittsburgh. Just because this isn't the NHL, doesn't mean it has to the exact opposite of it.

  • Brent - 9 years ago

    Everybody voted stupid to begin with. We should have voted for 36 teams. We should have with more brains when picking the maps too. This wont affect me but there should be 10 teams on this list that deserve a team. 10. It's a shame Buffalo wont get a team. The other division to be voted on right now says it all. Probably the same when the SW comes up. Maybe the owners of one of the SK teams can move to Pennsylvania. YellowKnife over Buffalo is a little silly too. But you asked for it.

    For the record I'm not griping, just making an observation.

  • Flyersk27 - 9 years ago

    Is Philadelphia seriously not going to get a team in this league, it dwarfs every city in this division except for NYC, which better get a city because if not these people voting are mad stupid. Too bad I already think they are for voting these divisions and a 30 team league.

  • Paploo - 9 years ago

    I have to agree with ogre39666, i really wish people would think outside the box... we are going for original. I really want halifax to have a team, but people are too stuck in the mud about the big hockey cities getting their team back... AKA Toronto, Montreal, Boston and NY. It really takes some of the fun out of this league... why not just call it rebranding the NHL at this rate. we still have a huge amount of the NHL in this league, and people aren't even fixing it in naming the teams by calling a team BC something instead of Vancouver. I would be happy with the NHL teams not being options.

  • Jacob - 9 years ago

    WOW there's a lot of big markets in this division. Particularly compared to the North. What is it, 9 NHL teams vs. 2? I guess people wanted it this way?

    It's going to be a strange, strange league - potentially two teams in Saskatchewan and none in Pennsylvania or New York. Rough luck, Halifax guy.

  • Ogre39666 - 9 years ago

    For the sake of originality I wish people would vote for Providence instead of Boston and Quebec City instead of Montreal, but I guess that's asking too much.

  • Steve - 9 years ago

    Would love to see a team out there in Halifax. Hockey's HUGE down there, but unfortunately not enough money floating around for a real team past the Mooseheads.

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