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You rock wit it?

Posted 3 years.


  • Jessica Chapple - 8 months ago


  • Lexi - 8 months ago

    This song is LIT!!!! i could bump this 24/7 ????????????????✨

  • Dynia - 8 months ago

    This is definitely the best! I got an opportunity to see her perform this song live and she killed it!! #Dope #AYBE

  • Vietnam - 8 months ago

    Dope joint. Keep grinding fam. Making that name a household name

  • Big cuzo - 9 months ago

    Keep it up cuzo you know what it is the city need you, it's to much garbage on the radio

  • Aunt “T” - 9 months ago

    I love it!!!! you go (my) boys. It’s an original video with talent and I love the music.... have me singing my butt off????

  • ChrisK - 9 months ago

    Keep it going Ridge! Love the message brotha! Much needed in these times.

  • Matt Coppersmith - 9 months ago

    ????????love you bro like I've always told you just keep doing you and continue grindin / working like you do on a daily to improve yourself you have grown and gotten a lot better and truthfully better than a lot of famous rappers who made it you have the talent and everything it's only a matter of time someone finds a true artist like you and look at this I'm proud of you man A-1 since day one keep pushing like always

  • Cindy shamer - 9 months ago

    Yess????❤❤ all this hard work is paying off.! You go ridge keep up the good work every song gets better and better.

  • Cindy shamer - 9 months ago

    Yess????❤❤ all this hard work is paying off.! You go ridge keep up the good work every song gets better and better.

  • Kelolo - 9 months ago

    Go AWF bay ????????????

  • CHAMP - 9 months ago

    Cuz going full throttle. Don't let up ????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Rodfilmz - 10 months ago

    Yo they instagram is @fatmiketheplug @pchrome1320

  • Mario - 10 months ago

    Yo dis joint fire!! need to hear more songs like this on the radio especially coming out of Baltimore

  • Tiffany - 10 months ago

    ????????Lit ???????? keeping it coming!!

  • Gimytheloot - 11 months ago


  • Hatch - 11 months ago

    Dope. Moo up next????????

  • Hatxh - 11 months ago

    Dope. Moo up next????????

  • Cnb_rell - 11 months ago

    Yip yip dakiddmoo ????????????

  • Bug - 11 months ago

    Lng S*** yeah ton ton ????????????

  • Masrie Shordy - 11 months ago

    YBG SHYT dats tha movement keep pushing nd grinding

  • Chels - 11 months ago

    Fire cousin ????. Keep doing your thing ????‼????

  • Parris - 11 months ago

    Yeah Uncle ! Keep rocking, Love you forever

  • T2Gmal - 11 months ago

    Catch a nigga slippn pull up em on him glow boh???? #Thestronghood????????

  • Charma Queen - 11 months ago

    Yes I'm here for it ❤️❤️????

  • Jewell - 11 months ago

    My cousins are talented ????✨

  • Mason - 1 year ago


  • Substantial - 1 year ago

    One of my favorite joints on the album. Keep this in rotation.


  • Prince Moony Ade - 1 year ago

    I'm telling you that Greenspan got that feel good!!!! Put "My Joy" in rotation next!!!!!

  • Tee - 1 year ago

    Keep this in rotation this is a dope song #GreenSpan #Breezay I good change from the normal Baltimore rappers.

  • D. Jones - 1 year ago

    Dope joint! Great vibes. Beat and verses on point.

  • Quediddy - 1 year ago

    I really digging this joint right here; has that nice feel good vibe just in time for the summer. Keep up the grind! Keep up the music!

  • HappyImages_Baltimore - 1 year ago

    This that feel good party music that everybody needs in their life. Too much hate and anger being spread throughout our city. Yeaaah Green.

  • Ant - 1 year ago

    Yo this got me ready for summer fr where da cook out at?

  • Patt - 1 year ago

    IT's LIT KEEP THIS IN ROTATION!!!! Shout out to my lor cuz doing big things up in Bmore

  • Westside certified - 1 year ago

    They Need a deal. Them verses sick.

  • Westside certified - 1 year ago

    They Need a deal. Them verses sick.

  • Selle - 1 year ago


  • just blaze loud - 1 year ago

    this the new Baltimore heat warsqad I like it my kids dancing to it we wanna start up warsqad dance challenge ,,follow up challenge

  • All about money - 1 year ago

    Play that warsqad follow up the kids out here cutting up to this song hard

  • Fatt mack - 1 year ago

    Shot out to warsqad. Squad life hunnit 5

  • Shannon - 1 year ago

    Fire!!!!keep pushing

  • Toprapper - 1 year ago

    Play that follow up , this toprapper all way from atlanta

  • Toprapper - 1 year ago

    Damn! I ain't heard a song this decent since idk when... This shit fire

  • Narraboo - 1 year ago

    Them Warsqad niggas lit???? tell these bitches #followup gahhhhhh.. play themmmm

  • Young man - 1 year ago

    Warsqad feat test that shit go head better than shit y'all play now y'all gotta get that on radio warsqad follow up

  • Mitch johnson - 1 year ago

    Warsqad follow up

  • World wide team - 1 year ago

    Warsqad follow up shit go hard man need more songs like it

  • RSL - 1 year ago

    Shit dumb hard woe sounds better than 98% of the music y'all play now I say big ups keep pushing

  • Badassss - 1 year ago

    Go offff lor bro ????????

  • Solo - 1 year ago

    Shit a banger

  • Lol - 1 year ago

    Shit weak

  • Twin - 1 year ago

    Creek boyz!

  • Rawl - 1 year ago

    Already know this what the city need it's a banger!!!

  • _gutzz - 1 year ago

    #Issa banga different flow! Positive message too "Baltimore too many niggas dying ‼️

  • Che'???? - 1 year ago

    ???????? that ???? Too sweet I get sweet tooth I love TurkP. Diddy stay on ya grind baby forever a supporter and fan baby????????

  • Ets_mal - 1 year ago


  • Kyra - 1 year ago

    I love them they my❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    And my favorite song now

  • Kyra - 1 year ago

    I love them they my❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    And my favorite song now

  • Niah - 1 year ago

    My bros???????? She dont give me no teeth when i say chew ????that pussy so sweet ✌????️????????get sweet tooth she the type fuck me and wont fuck you that be the shit i Likeee???????????????? This song really tht i swear da god lol ❤️ She a Creek hoe???? Think bout my bros everynight???? #ETS #BUN #BMP????????????????❤️ Love yall

  • BLACK! - 1 year ago

    I bump this in the shower all the time !! ????

  • Aliyyah ❤️ - 1 year ago

    My favorite song ✨ I bump this everyday lol #Duckedoffinthecounty

  • K4ylala - 1 year ago

    My new favorite song I play this hoe everyday

  • Bikerboy jt - 1 year ago

    CREEKBOYZ 1-11

  • Purp - 1 year ago

    This the anthem round the way! Creek boyz is the new sound ????????

  • Toni - 1 year ago

    Omg this really my favorite song I swear I bump this everyday. I Love them creekboyz

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