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What Will You Try When Your Next Emergency Strikes?

Posted 2 years.


  • Christine N - 5 months ago

    I only go to the ER after I've had a migraine for a few days and the vomiting won't stop. They used to treat with pain meds, fluids, and something to stop the vomiting. They no longer use pain meds. I will ask my doctor now for an anti-nausea med to try to save the trip to the ER. The urgent care in my area does not treat migraines because I would rather that option over the ER

  • Kristy - 2 years ago

    I now have toradol inj in my arsenal after a long weekend and 3-4 day wait for response from my doctor and then a trip to urgent care. It took a one on one with my doctor at a later appointment explaining when I am having a migraine attack I can't wait 3-4 days for a call back on a prescription or work me in for a shot on Monday or whenever an opening arises. She finally agreed and I use at last resort along with phenergen. ER's are horrible, I was forgotten about in one of those nice dark quiet rooms they put me to wait in, cost me 2 extra hours. I avoid them at all costs. I have a nice urgent care by my house, you can check in online and they even text you 15 minutes before your next in line. However I prefer to ice up, a dark quiet room and sleep at home as my first steps towards relief. Knowing I have the toradol inj on hand gives me peace of mind.

  • Paris Romero - 2 years ago

    Even at the possibility that the migraine is actually a stroke, we choose to not go to ER. That speaks for itself.

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