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How would you rate "Vanishing Pont"?

Posted 2 years.

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  • Weni - 2 years ago

    I consider this film the most challenging one among all the others we have watched in class so far. The reason is the it has not only the frequently jumping scenes in between but also the philosophical meaning under what is being shown.

    I may not be a profound movie audience in a way that I was not able to get the philosophical meaning back there. Also, the language can be a fact that make the process of understanding the meaning of this film even harder. However, I do like to talk about what I have seen and what I thought about this film overall.

    First of all, the idea of anti-establishment, as known the counter culture. Second of all, the improvement of hi-tech methods. Third of all, the criticism towards the mass media and it audience. And the last of all is the sexual freedom. The last one, which is the sex liberation seems to be the most impressive one to me. Throughout the film, naked women bodies, complicated man and women relationship, and exaggerate sex and rape scenes ... Etc, all these elements were not mentioned in the previous movies. It was highly influential and impressive. I was very surprised when I first saw it, because the film directly shows the completely naked woman body, behaving naturally while interacting to men. This explains to a large extend, women during the time has gained autonomy and are more aware of the freedoms that they deserve for their own body.

    Although I didn't understand the philosophy concept under the film until the class discussion, this film sill remains a lot for me to ponder, such as the sexual freedom, the improvement of technologies used in the film, as well as the visualization of the minorities. It is a movie that can effectively make the audiences to think due to its profound ideas involved in the story.

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