A group of Jews and friends who stand uncompromisingly for the right to keep and bear arms — and the entire Bill of Rights.

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Which Democrat presidential candidate is most dangerous to gun rights? And why? (Poll Closed)

  • Bernie Sanders
    1 vote

  • Martin O'Malley
    6 votes

  • Hillary Clinton, but mainly because she's most likely to win the nomination
    26 votes

  • Hillary Clinton, because her views are flat-out worse than Sanders or O'Malley
    34 votes


Posted 3 years.


  • pigpen51 - 3 years ago

    I have absolutely no doubt that Hillary has a plan already in place for if she is elected president. I am sure she will try some way to limit firearm freedom, whether by legal means, or by presidential edict. She also will have a pen and a phone, of course, just one phone, how could she be expected to keep straight more than one?
    I also don't think that her first salvo will be a small one. I figure that she will shoot for the moon, then when she is slapped down by the people or the courts, or the congress, she will back down to what she really wanted in the first place. She is ruthless, shrewd and cunning. I almost spelled the wrong word when I was spelling cunning. It would have fit. I guess I really don't like her.

  • Historian - 3 years ago

    Yes. Because disarming American citizens is a plank in the Democratic platform.

    The GOP is little if any better.

  • LarryArnold - 3 years ago

    Clinton, not because her views are worse, but because she'll be utterly ruthless in implementing them. And so much else she wants to do.

  • MamaLiberty - 3 years ago

    Still no "all of the above" I see. I'm with LiberTarHeel. See the post on last week's poll. An important thing to remember is that it's not just "guns" at risk here. We either own our lives or we don't. And there has never been a politician of any strip who honestly understood that human beings all own themselves, and were not created to be the toys and prey of any ruling class. Sadly, far too many of us ordinary people don't understand that either - whether they own guns or not.

  • LiberTarHeel - 3 years ago

    See my comment for last weeks poll. :-)

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