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Best Linux distribution of 2015 (Poll Closed)

  • Linux Mint
    573 votes

  • Debian
    99 votes

  • Ubuntu
    193 votes

  • openSUSE
    116 votes

  • Fedora
    78 votes

  • Mageia
    14 votes

  • Manjaro
    92 votes

  • CentOS
    49 votes

  • Arch
    281 votes

  • Kali
    2 votes

  • Other
    222 votes

Posted 3 years.


  • tomt - 3 years ago

    I`ve tried several distros, Mint, Debian8, Suse, Manjaro along with some others however, for a basic "get the job done" light, stable distro I have to say I like Linux Lite the best. There is enough aggravation in life without running into all kinds of problems that have to be fixed or worked around. As a former windows user for years who spent half his life fixing problems and having switched to Linux about 5 years ago, I`ll never go back. I don`t care what Microsoft comes out with it`s sure to be broken if not, a patch will surely screw it up.
    Linux Lite works for me.

  • Ifs - 3 years ago

    I'm new to Linux. I voted Mint because from few distros that I've tested Linux Mint comes off nicely as a working environment.

  • nightcap - 3 years ago

    Manjaro xfce combines speed, aesthetics, innovation, rolling release, frenetic Arch-base and incessant developer push. Poor on printer install. Simple Lubuntu LTS suitable for transitioning fearful Windozed victims. Whereto when LXqt ultimately replaces LXDE? (LXqt not quite ready for mass consumption.) Lite is another worthy distro. Neat, user-friendly, bloatless. Special mentions for Knoppix (Da Godfather) and Porteus (kiosk/linux-on-a-stick). Happy New Year everybody! >;-}=

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    Mint MATE is my only distro now. I recently replaced Ubuntu in two computers because the keyboard layout changes randomly to English (this is an old bug, still unfixed). Caja is what nautilus used to be. And I recovered three ten year old XP units with LMDE MATE. It's very stable and familiar, it just works.

  • Stupido - 3 years ago

    I also use Manjaro (XFCE on desktop, LXQT on laptop) and very happy with it.

    In the past I use to do lot of distro hoping, but eventually I settled for Manjaro; and 'so far, so good'... :)

    during distro hoping, indeed Mint was one of the best Ubuntu derivatives... for me, better than Ubuntu itself! but it in the end as I said, I was sold on Manjaro...
    I even tried all Manjaro spins and it seems the XFCE is the most polished one. lately I tried the LXQT and really liked it; so much that I'm tempted to put it also on my desktop machine.

    I just purchased OLinuXIno-LIME2 based board and although it supports the excellent 'armbian' distro, I will be experimenting with 'OpenSUSE Factory' and 'Arch'

  • Jean Pierre Abgottspon - 3 years ago

    My favorite ? definetely "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS". It's just great for newbies who find it hard enough to keep their PC running through basically the assistance of the GUI only. I have managed to keep mine going smoothly for over a year now. Try it this long, with "W" stopping in it's tracks every other day, without the Ctrl, Alt, Del, routine. JPA

  • Monster - 3 years ago

    I recently switched to Linux Mint as my wife will be a Linux user too =). So far quite pleased, even when still needs some ironing here and there. I hate to admit it but ended up quite spoiled by KDE4, only that Plasma 5 is IMHO not ready yet (too many bugs and missing apps) .

  • M-taif - 3 years ago

    For full Desktop tasks Kaos is a great one, linux lite is also a good choice for lower computer configuration.

  • Wirezfree - 3 years ago

    Possibly the best distro for Windows refugees... "Linux Lite" it just works.
    With it's unique tools like, Lite Tweaks, Lite Software, Lite Control Centre, Lite Upgrade... it's excelent

    If Carlsberg did Linux , It would be "Linux Lite" :)

  • ABECEDE95 - 3 years ago

    Peppermint OS 6. Most gorgeous lightweight distro up to date! Highly recommended for all .deb fans.

  • Lurking a lurking - 3 years ago

    Antergos seems to be easiest way to install and use Arch Linux with its GUI installer. As with all rolling release distros be prepared to do a little more TLC than with most other distros. Also, the Arch wiki pages are excellent.

  • Mindaugas - 3 years ago

    I use Debian 8.2 and I can say it offers the best Gnome 3.14 experience. Nothing can beat Debian.

  • Henry Duc - 3 years ago

    I use Manjaro and I can say it offers the best Plasma 5 experience. I have tried other distros and the plasma 5 experience was nothing but plain awful.

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