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Which heavyweight will ultimately emerge as No. 1 in the division?

Posted 2 years.


  • Jose - 9 months ago

    A.joshua is a overhyped heavyweight,who defeated a over the hill, shell in v.klitscho. Deonte wilder has a great record,off of fighting nothing but bums, that my 85year old grandmama would destroy! Tyson fury, can beat wilder and Joshua, but his dedication to the sport, and his drug problems, are a problem! Luis"king kong"Ortiz, to me is a underrated heavyweight, who definetly should not be overlooked! Last, is my prediction for canelo vs ggg(middleweights) I believe that ggg will bother canelo with that stiff jab and pressure canelo into making a mistake, into the later rounds. Canelo, looks strong, but isn't a true middleweight. Chavez jr made canelo look very invincible, but ggg isn't Chavez jr. GGG will throw punches and be able to show canelo, what a true powerful middleweight that he is! Canelo will start off fast in the fight, but the pressure ,will eventually catch up to canelo, maybe 9th or 10th rd. I respect canelo, but he has fought, welterweights, not middleweights, and the difference will show.

  • alec - 2 years ago

    Parker. Big, fast, Super fit, good punching power,well trained and Managed. Next champ. Only question is when dumped on his back, will he get up, like true champions do.

    His dedication to fitness, makes a mockery of many of the USA heavyweights!

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