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Which speech problems have you experienced with a migraine attack?

Posted 2 years.


  • Julie - 6 months ago

    I suffer with what I think is silent migraine, my symptoms are loose vision or see waves which lasylts about 15 min then my speach is just babling and jumbled up them my tounge goes funny and then my hand and fore arm tinge's then goes numb! Hopefully its nothing to worry about? It them makes me want to sleep after the attack :) any advice to help with my problem please xx

  • Paul smith - 2 years ago

    it started 10 years ago when I was working nights. I worked for a company for 13 years and after 10 years service I was having difficulties driving home, I didn't know the way home, I had to drive around the city untill I noticed some were I noticed. I thought I was tired. then 10 years after that I started with jumbled words. I couldn't get a sentence out. it's very frustrating. so I went to doctors and they sent me to a specialist were I had head scans and tests and he said I suffer from migraine but without the pain. but suffer with jumbled words. and I've found if I eat fresh cream this triggers jumbled words . so I avoided fresh cream . I take tablets which control it but in my job it can be very frustrating. please contact me if you think I can help. .Paul

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