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When buying children's clothes from my favourite brand, I search by...

Posted 2 years.


  • sarah - 2 years ago

    I wish the gender category didn't exist. Everywhere it does I find you have to search twice in order to find what you are looking for. I quite often get bored of doing this and leave the page or shop without buying, especially as when you look at both sections you see the gender stereotypes the shops are reinforcing and it puts me off spending my money with them. By age and by type are by far the easiest ways to shop online - particularly by age/size as often what you end up looking at isn't available in the size you need anyway.

  • Sarah Hames-Clarke - 2 years ago

    I find gender segregated clothing really annoying as I end up having to look through both boys and girls selections, particularly as my older child is into things that have been classified both 'for girls' and 'for boys'. And then I just get really mad at what is designated 'boys only' and I wish I could have 10 minutes with the idiot that came up with these arbitrary restrictions

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