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Who has your vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Pope McCorkle III
    1,319 votes

  • Dick Tips
    1,298 votes


Posted 1 year.


  • Steve Schoettle - 1 year ago

    You Pope haters need to get a life. Our man took the competition fair and square. Not only a great name, but a great guy won this race. So zip it.

  • JB - 1 year ago

    this is a sham and a travesty. fuck pope mccorkle iii

  • Pope McCorkle III - 1 year ago

    I admit I have lied to you good people. The McCorkle Conspiracy cannot continue in the wake of beating Dick Tips.

  • RustySeeksJustice - 1 year ago


  • wop - 1 year ago

    So Dick Tips blows away everyone in his path and then loses to Pope McCorkle III?? Bland as fuck name comes out of nowhere to beat one of the best in the bracket this year. Yeah totally believable. And by totally believable I mean shittiest rigged vote ever.

  • YOLO - 1 year ago

    Umm, hello haters. Isn't it a good thing to spread the word and ask your friends for support? That's called 'campaigning' - ever heard of it?

  • travesty - 1 year ago

    This is an outrage. worst name in the bracket. they're going to stuff the ballot box all the way through now. he used to consult for the dems, and look at how they are cheating Hillary into the nomination. apples don't fall far from trees. NOTY, this is a disgrace.

  • B Bedroom - 1 year ago

    I believe that dick tips is not using his real name! His real name is Dixxon. Disqualified!

  • dicktipsforprez - 1 year ago

    There is no way in hell that Pope McCorkle should have beat Saint Schwing, as there is a second, and far better pope in the running (Taco), and There is absolutely no way on gods scorched earth that he should have any possible chance of beating Dick Tips. There is obviously foul play going on here. Someone has AWS servers spinning up, voting and closing down or clearing their cookies or something.
    this unchecked aggression will not stand McCorklers. You know what the world needs? Just the Tips baby, just the Tips.

  • MJ - 1 year ago

    It's almost like his friends found out about it and are forwarding it to each other to vote because they think it's funny.

  • Timmace - 1 year ago

    I did some investigating and saw that in the last round, the McCorkle match had about 600 extra votes more than the other matchups so that leads me to believe McCorkle is the one campaigning or ballot stuffing or whatever. He barely won last round.

  • Timmace - 1 year ago

    I find it strange that this one matchup happens to have around 300 extra votes more than the others as of right now. Someone must really be campaigning here.

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