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Who has your vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Tillmann Buttersack
    1,669 votes

  • Pope McCorkle III
    1,806 votes


Posted 10 months.


  • Crony - 9 months ago

    Fellow cronies! It's time to conspire! Let's meet at the regular spot and all vote together like usual for #PM3 #FeelTheCork

  • Cargo Shorts - 9 months ago

    Pope McCorkle III is only in these because he has cronies on the outside voting for him. Not that there's anything wrong with supporting your friends, but I believe that violates the overall nonpartisan voting base of the NOTY competition.

  • clem - 9 months ago

    I voted McCorkle because I have McCorkles in my family tree though Im not related to PM3. I dont think getting people to come vote is a conspiracy, anyone could do it. Sweet Orefice is funny but not great. It feels too obvious like Furious Carney. I'm a Burm Snart supporter all the way even though he was knocked out. #FEELTHEBURM

  • Deez Nuts - 9 months ago

    Please. Dick Tips' real name isn't even Dick--it's Robert. That's not even funny. You guys are complaining a guy named Robert Tips didn't beat Pope.

  • Rawr - 9 months ago

    I agree with the below. In the future, NOTY should be decided by a committee of twelve Wise Men. The gentleman-commenters below would make excellent candidates given their obviously superior sense of humor. It will be really fun for the hoi polloi to check the voting results every week to see what the committee has decided.

  • Hank M - 9 months ago

    Dick Tips got the shaft!

  • FPMCINTHEA - 9 months ago

    pope wins by 20something votes, even though there are 300 more votes in his poll the last two rounds than any of the other polls. it's bullshit. Even if he had his friends come stuff the ballot box, the least they could do was participate in the entire NOTY process, not just turn it into a popularity contest. I hope he is fired by his institution's ethics committee for destroying NOTY with his big politics tactics and sweaty palmed mouth breathing supporters. this should have been a dick tips and sweet orifice championship, and everyone that actually participates in this process knows that. Shoeless Pope McCorkle should be kept out of the NOTY rolls of honor.

  • wop - 9 months ago

    PM3 is gonna kick up all this dust and barely make it to the finals only to get his ass handed to him by Sweet Orefice.

  • Shet - 9 months ago

    Good guy, good friends, good name. The trifecta.

  • Guy - 9 months ago

    Oh I see, it's not name of the year, it's most popular guy of the year.

  • Shet - 9 months ago

    You Pope haters are the ones who suck. There's no rigging here. Our Pope just has lots of good friends! Good guy with good friends. Ya got a problem with that??

  • Shady - 9 months ago

    I'd be ok if PM3 won fair, but his last two victories against Saint Schwing and Dick Tips seem really shady.

  • PMcC IV - 9 months ago

    As with most public votes numerous people vote against innuendo style names (eg Dick Tips, Onno Hoes) solely because they'd prefer something more creative and less lowest common denominator as the winner.

    My favourites went out long ago (Jasmine Albuquerque-Croissant was genius) and of the four left I'd rate Pope McCorkle as the best - or maybe that should be least worst.

  • cool guy - 9 months ago

    I don't love Pope McCorckle III or anything but I'll take it over either of the low hanging fruit names in the other bracket. If either of those win might as well shut down the whole thing.

  • Some Guy - 9 months ago

    Dick Tips got screwed! If Pope McCorkle III wins out after last year's Amanda Miranda Panda win (who still has a name that is exponentially better than PM3), then I give up on this shit. Professional wrestling and presidential elections are more legitimate institutions than NOTY is now it seems. A PM3 win means the terrorists have won; just pledge allegiance to ISIL while you are at it.

  • Roofus - 9 months ago

    I think all 4 names should be at the bottom.

    I'm still not sure how Tillman made it this far. All he's got Is his last name going for him.

  • pope mccorkle sucks - 9 months ago

    This is a sham and a travesty, and marks the end of my following NOTY. Fuck pope mccorkle iii, the worst name in the bracket

  • Timmace - 9 months ago

    I'm totally buying into the McCorkle conspiracy. I was hoping for a Sweet Orefice v Dick Tips final but my dreams were dashed away by some shady McCorkle voting. Sweet Orefice 4 Life!

  • Richard Point - 9 months ago

    NOTY conspiracy theories are the best conspiracy theories.

  • wop - 9 months ago

    I'm gonna call this one now. Bland name of the century Pope McCorkle III comes from behind to beat much better name Tillman Buttersack and a totally not rigged (P.S. it's rigged) "Pope Off" ensues for the championship. It's not cool and coincidental when a bottom of the barrel NOTY entry like Pope McCorkle III makes it to the FINALS against Taco Pope, especially when names like DICK TIPS and SAINT SCHWING were the competition.

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