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What would you like to see more of in Volume Four?

Posted 1 year.


  • Estoyen - 1 year ago

    Really... you were expecting 0 votes to the harem of haruhiro... Are you crazy? (Me too, but it doesn´t matters my opinion)

  • Reeves - 1 year ago

    I'd vote for Despair, too bad there's none in the poll...

  • jibu jibu - 1 year ago

    10% choose the OP .... ok now we know how much of the " anime viewer ho still don't know what this novel is about " are on this site ....

  • Guy - 1 year ago

    I hope they get souma as their next (tank), so not only does haru's party become extremely overpowered but we can have a harem showdown. Haru vs souma who will become the greatest harem in grimgar history

  • assaas - 1 year ago

    lol Moguzo dies and he gets replaced. Haruhiro`s childhood flame dies while he witnesses from afar, too afraid what he should do.

    Mary fuccs up big time, again. Another PTSD.

    Ranta is still Ranta.

  • bryan - 1 year ago

    after this fight they will probably move house and the money leftovers learn various abilities
    the thief class must have a magic.
    I think that mogzo scene not be in bed it is because he got to recovery and will go straight to the next house / apartment (residence)

  • PoodleTarTar - 1 year ago

    I just came here to vote for the Princess Bride quote, you can do whatever the hell you want with the story

  • Aishwarya - 1 year ago

    well.....I don't give care about option 1 or 3 (since both of them are related to love somehow).....I want the magical feel....THAT'S where the point is....

  • Ggrrummpy - 1 year ago

    For those of you who voted romance, I bet half, no most, of you didn't read the third choice which had true love in it.

  • Ggrrummpy - 1 year ago

    For those of you who voted romance, I bet half, no most, of you didn't read the second choice which had true love in it.

  • dragneel - 1 year ago

    You should divide moar OP prota and harem :D

  • Luis - 1 year ago

    kill ranta plizz

  • Eureka - 1 year ago

    More Shihoru !

  • Leo - 1 year ago

    Look like no one give a than to souma hehehe

  • Takatathien - 1 year ago

    I want more Mary ship dammit. Give Haru some love. The new guy can go fuk himself if he think he can take a bite out of Mary pie.

  • Ed - 1 year ago

    i want something to fill the emptyness left by Mogzo's death. ;-;

  • Semec - 1 year ago

    Why didn't anyone else vote for Souma. I mean he's so OP! The strongest adventurer. Did everyone just forget him?

  • Another random passerby - 1 year ago

    Why is there no option like "More blood, more death, more grieve, ... (basically a ln version of GoT)"?

  • random passerby - 1 year ago

    well, i was about to pick more of souma but ( idk who this souma is but i think hes a goddamn good cook who has a diner named yukihira with a father who went abroad only to leave him in a culinary school) you said that you hoped for the harem thing to get 0 votes.. sorry, couldnt resist..

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