A group of Jews and friends who stand uncompromisingly for the right to keep and bear arms — and the entire Bill of Rights.

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If you can't carry a firearm, what do you carry for self-defense?

Posted 2 years.


  • Yosef Dov Ber - 2 years ago

    The issuance of conceal carry permits in RI's completely arbitrary. Some towns you're more likely to see a ghost in the daylight...the Ocean State's the bluest State in the former Republic.

    "Non lethal self-defense" is the way to go along with tactics like situational awareness, avoidance and de-escalation techniques.

  • Miles - 2 years ago

    Actually I do three of the choices. "Other" A ProMag Archangel pen, a knife, AND an expandable "spring billy" baton.
    The knife and baton are covered by my CC permit as the baton is classed as a deadly weapon in my state and the knife can be.

    Of course, these also go along for the ride when I carry a gun anyway.
    I like "options".

  • MJR - 2 years ago

    I live in a country where I don't have the option to carry a firearm and there are even times (going into court or other government buildings, flying) where carrying a knife is not going to happen, so I carry a pen. I have received training in ground grappling, defensive tactics plus pressure point tactics so the pen is ideal. It goes with me everywhere even on planes when traveling. When I know there will be no issue I add a ZT-350 knife to the mix.

  • pigpen51 - 2 years ago

    I understand the idea of not going where you cannot carry. What about those of us who work and cannot carry on the job? I always have a knife at hand clipped in my pocket that comes out and is open surprisingly fast. I also have pepper spray that I can carry, if necessary, but usually when I could carry that, I just default to my firearm.
    I originally got the pepper spray for carry at work to use as control for any dogs that might possibly attack, but that is no longer a worry.
    On a good note, I now carry almost 100% of the time when not working, even if just sitting in my living room.

  • John Taylor - 2 years ago

    The poll is flawed; it should allow for multiple answers rather than only one. For example, I carry a knife, or spray, or even a tomahawk, among others, depending on venue and circumstance.

  • Sheila - 2 years ago

    I became a fan of tactical pens when I was some places where a knife or anything else would have been found and confiscated. I do have a very cool Zelman's Kershaw knife I carry in the US, but where I was? The only thing I could (mostly) get by with was the pen. It writes so well I carry it now all the time even though it bought it for the trip only. It's my little kit of tools.

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