What should the URL for The Merc be?

Posted 12 months.


  • Deb - 10 months ago

    'The Merc' because it's your town's shining star. All of your (and family/friends) talent, hard work and dedication, not to mention branded goods inside, are making this dream come to fruition. Make it the town's :)

  • Jane Dennis - 11 months ago

    Anyone can have a 'mercantile' but there is only one Pioneer Woman, so I vote for PWmercantile.

  • Nancy Boggs - 11 months ago

    I really think it should be something like pwthemerc.Com since that is what everybody is calling it anyway

  • Collette - 11 months ago

    Why don't you use themercantile but also buy pwmercantile and make it point to the themercantile? Then, later, if you decide to drop the PW brand, you've already got it at the mercantile.

    Just a thought. You can have it all!!!!! ;-)

  • Cassie Scott - 11 months ago

    What about "thepwmercantile.com" or "thepwmerc.com" ? I really feel like you need "the" in there somewhere to piggy back off the blog.

  • Sandi - 11 months ago

    The business name has Pioneer Woman in it, plus PW is your branding, so your website should have that in the name. If I'm trying to guess a website, I - like many others - always start with the name of the company. TheMercantile just sounds so generic to me. There's no reason you cannot have both URL addresses, though, that both go to the same website in case someone gets it wrong. I would probably get pioneerwomanmercantile.com as well and again route it to the official page. A domain is not a big expense especially when considering the business that might be lost.

  • Veronica MW - 11 months ago

    I understand your preference to simply call it (the url) themercantile.com but as someone who deals with brands and branding for a living, it really should be pwmercantile.com Gotta stay consistent to your brand PW!!

    Can't wait to online shop in the very near future.


  • J Hardeman - 11 months ago

    Really think "themerc.com" would be the best.......

  • K. - 11 months ago

    I'm thinking of signage... I think you are recognized so well, that The Merc.. will do.
    When you first began this project, it occurred to me that this will become a destination place, much the same way that Chip&Jo Gaines have made Waco a destination place, so great! My husband's mother - a Pawhuska girl - is no longer on the planet, but she would have loved this! Are you pronouncing it, mercanTEEL or mercanTILE? Really looking forward to seeing it all :)

  • Jeannie Reagan - 11 months ago

    Already planning a group Trip...
    Please post Opening date ,Hours, HOW TO GET THERE .... From Ft.Worth area ..I am excited for you.. Looking forward to the visit .

  • Evelyn M. Lange - 11 months ago

    I love all your ideas I voted for the pw

  • carole - 11 months ago

    Totally agree with Nancy D, who posted 8 hours ago, according to the website. I couldn't copy and post, but she says it best. No PW in the address. The Merc will live long after us, as it has done already. Leave the Merc to the future generations. Just sayin'.

  • Bobbie - 11 months ago

    I think of the new business as a historic building, and definitely a Drummond family adventure. I hope you put the Drummond name in it somewhere - so of the two choices, I voted for themercantile. Both choices are great though - I know I plan to check it out, along with lots of other buyers! I love your Pioneer Woman's kitchen and pan lines.

  • Kathy - 11 months ago

    I think that pwmerc.com is great! You've called it the "merc" and having the pw for you is what this is all about. So many people have fallen in love with you, your family and all that goes on at the ranch, that just themercantile doesn't cut it. People love your genuineness and that down to earth love of food and family. Keep doing what you're doing, we love it!!

  • Carmen - 11 months ago

    I'm voting for PW! I immediately associate that with you. It's familiar and comforting to me!

  • Nancy D - 11 months ago

    I think, Ree, it needs to be something without PW in it. The reason being is it seems to me that you did it as really a legacy...a gift to the town your family has helped build, to all the history of those who have come before and sustained the town, for future generations. A simple name reflects what it would have been called way back when and what it will be called by your great great grandchildren. Although we all love you and you know that, PW won't be forever. No one could replace you. And none of us knows when we're going to be called home...and we all hope you live to a vibrant 100 yes old :-)... But I sense you'd want the merchantile to thrive no matter when that happens...as a place for a first date or best friends to meet. You want it to bless others. Kinda like when Alex gets married and is no longer a Drummond. (Don't cry!)...she'll always be your baby but she's got a path of her own. Her own name.. Her own place. Just my two cents :-)

  • Lory Scott - 11 months ago

    Better put PW or Pioneer Woman in the name because there are other Mercantile shops online.

  • Meghan - 11 months ago

    I love that you are The Pioneer Woman but the pw at the beginning of merc doesn't flow well.
    I would say if you are going to include it, just spell it all the way out.

    I like TheMercantile.com or TheMerc because you are THE Pioneer Woman and you talk about THE Merc!

    I agree with some comments that less is more. I listened to a teaching about branding before (like I have room to give YOU advice HAHA!) that said to choose a web address folks could remember with or without Google nearby.

  • gcpickering - 11 months ago

    i vote for pwmerc it's easier to read the pwmerc at a quick glance rather than themerc something about the shape of the letters and spacing. and shorter is better!

  • DeVonne - 11 months ago

    Use both, so no matter what someone types in, they both go to your site. Your IT guys will know how to set it up.

  • Jacklynn Ketelaar - 11 months ago

    I chose themercantile as in THE, one and only, extra special, MERCANTILE.

  • Christine F - 11 months ago

    The merc sounds better. Especially if men are ordering or wanting to look on line. They don't need to remember frilly stuff. Someone mentioned plus size and tall sizes. Go up and beyond the plus and tall. Not everyone is the same size. Its like the jewelery store. Why only a size 6 when everyone doesn't where that size.

  • Deana C - 11 months ago

    I think pwthemerc.com or pwmerc.com

  • MaryAlice - 11 months ago

    I voted for "TheMercantile.com because well it kinda was easier to remember & it rolls off the tongue. But the truth is if I had a choice of "ThePWMerc.com" I might have chosen it. But the simple fact is shorter & simple is better. "TheMerc.com" was a cute idea too if it was offered. Good Luck! ????????????

  • Terry - 11 months ago

    I think it has to include PW ... That is your brand and so associated with you and your website and merchandise.

  • Ashley E. - 11 months ago

    Ditto (tritto, fitto, fiftto...you get the point) Themerc.com ????

  • Amanda - 11 months ago

    PW in my world stands for Presbyterian Women (the ladies of the church who raise money for projects and missions and make good food), and your readers recognize The Merc.

  • Jen Cole - 11 months ago

    pwmercantile.com for sure! themercantile.com looks like THEMercantile. Not a fan of pwmerc.com either. To someone who has never read your website, they might not know what it means.

  • laura - 11 months ago

    I think it should include pw because that is easy to remember and already associate with you as your brand. Google can autofill the rest if people start with pw and are not sure of the rest of it. I like pwmerc the best because it is shorter but also includes your brand. also I like all lower case because it is faster. it was fun seeing the boy cave show with Alco again and imagining all the new merchandise in it!! :)

  • Susette Smith - 11 months ago

    I have voted for themercantile. But I have to say I agree with some of the others, the merc rolls off the tongue. On the same token, I guess typing is not the same as saying. I am sure you will make the right choice. Thanks for being you. -S.

  • Ann - 11 months ago

    It's a business so stick with your brand which is PW , the just diminishes the brand. Of course you clearly know that already! Good luck with this endeavor !

  • LISA DUGGIN - 11 months ago

    Should be PW just because we even have a mercantile in our little town of 99 people her in Chester, AR. Blessings in all you do, Lisa

  • Christina - 11 months ago

    It is your creation an extension of you so it needs to have your name
    on it. PW

  • BeckyAnne Jones - 11 months ago

    Please carry plus size clothes and big & tall mens sizes even if you only have t-shirts. No fun to shop in a fun hip place only to be told they have nothing in your size.

  • Kathleen Schneider - 11 months ago

    Have you been reading my mind? We are driving from Albuquerque to Northern Ill. for my 50th Class reunion on Sept. 10, and of course we have to drive back. My husband, (who grew up as a dairy farmer) is one of your devoted boyfriends, although he is also interested in the machinery your husband uses on the ranch. I thought, let me check and see when that Mercantile will be open and we will make it one of our highlight stops on our way home. Yay, Hooray! Hope to see you in Sept.!

  • Mary Ann Bennett - 11 months ago

    I sure hope there will be a wide selection of tunics that Ree made us all want, to be for sale in the online store, etc. BTW. I thought just THE MERC.com rolls off my tongue. : )

  • Pat Galbraith - 11 months ago

    I choose themercantile because of all the many people that have been involved with this project and for your community and the history of the building! Can't wait for it to be open and available!!!!

  • Lynda Dingel - 11 months ago

    It has to have pw for you of course! Pwmerc is good too!

  • Bluebell - 11 months ago

    Whichever you pick, spell it with some capital letters. It's easier for people to quickly read it. I like TheMerc.com but it's probably taken. If so, then go for TheMercantile.com! I like PWMercantile.com too though!

  • Janet McKay - 11 months ago

    I think themercantile.com is easier. If it's pwmercantile.com you will always be asked should I spell out pioneer woman?

  • Michelle - 11 months ago

    How about just themerc? Since you started calling it the name stuck and I really like the sound of it. It's easiesr to say in my opinion.

  • Ssally A. Randolph - 11 months ago

    I do like Reesmerc. Short, sweet and easy to remember

  • Jen - 11 months ago

    YES YES YES to pwmerc.com!!!!!

  • Ellen Cole - 11 months ago

    I wondered about themerc or pwmerc too. Taken? Do people know how to spell mercantile??

  • Joan f - 11 months ago

    Use them both and any others you can think of....people always try to guess at web addresses

  • Pat Celaya - 11 months ago

    What about "themerc"? Not available?
    After all, we've been calling it that for months. In my mind, that's its name.
    I live at the very tip of Texas (South Padre Island), but still hope to get up there someday.
    Best of luck!

  • Jackie Barnes - 11 months ago

    I think you should use both web addresses. Pick the winner and set the other one up to automatically forward any clicks to your regular website so you are covered just in case millions of people go to the wrong one now that you've put both of them out into the cosmos. It would have happened regardless of what you did. I had it as themercantile.com in my head. pwmercantile.com makes sense too.

  • Anon - 11 months ago

    I actually like themercantile.com better but BRANDING, BRANDING, BRANDING!!! So pwmercantile.com.

  • Heidi - 11 months ago

    I want those dishes bad!????

  • Karen I Ford - 11 months ago

    Absolutely love the dishes you have picked for the café! It reminds me of going to cafes when I was growing up, the food was always on plates like that, even the pattern is the same! My Dad was in the food business and when I managed to break every dish one night after dinner, he went to the restaurant supply house and bought the heaviest Buffalo China so that I could not break them as easily as I had the others.
    The coffee always stays hotter in one of these mugs too!

  • Michele Noblitt - 11 months ago


  • Sue Medford - 11 months ago

    PWTheMerc cause you call it The Merc.

  • linda roberts - 11 months ago

    Dishes! I love dishes! Please have some to sell. did I say I love dishes?

  • katy judy - 11 months ago

    Not to complicate matters - I like Ree'sMercantile - It's your baby and should bear a more personal touch of your name !

  • Barb - 11 months ago

    PWMERC.COM !! it makes total sense iam sending some cool weather ya'lls way from
    near Buffalo ,n.y its in the low 70s this week .
    cant wait to see what kind of goodies your doing on line

  • Susan pallozzi - 11 months ago

    The Pioneer Woman is so you and all of your products reflect that. I am sure which ever name is chosen it will be another reflection of you and your family

  • Susan - 11 months ago

    "themercantile" looked like "THEM...ERCANTILE"....sounded like bad English, so I vote for the pw....one.

  • Sherri - 11 months ago

    Since the name of the establishment is The Pioneer Woman Mercantile pwmercantile.com seemed more intuitive to me. Was thinking if I wanted to find the website, what would I try...

  • Nan - 11 months ago

    Merc bcuz that's what you've been referring to it as for a long time!

  • Shirley - 11 months ago

    No, no, no. It has to be "pwmerc.com" No other moniker makes sense because you've been calling it The Merc for eons, and you shorten everything -- I mean EVERYthing, so it just has to be pwmerc.com. How could you think anything else?

  • Kate Mitchell - 11 months ago

    I voted for themercantile.com simply because you've been calling the merc for so long now.

  • karen shelby - 11 months ago

    Greetings from the CA desert region. (Coachella Valley to be exact)
    You have to use pwmercantile! Just mercantile sounds so generic....you are anything but generic!!!
    Can't wait to see all of the fun merchandise in your online store.
    BTW....please visit our area the next time you are on the West coast....you have thousands of fans out this way! Good luck and God Bless!

  • Penelope Grund - 11 months ago

    Love your show…and your darling family. I never knew what ranching was all about until I saw The Pioneer Woman. Wow, it takes a lot of energy! Best wishes on your new endeavor!

  • Margie Hudgins - 11 months ago

    Could you combine the two names, and use "thepwmercantile.com? Somehow it sounds more finished to me, and flows well. Just my 25 cents worth.

  • Rhonda - 11 months ago

    Since we all know you as Pioneer Woman, I vote PWMerc.com. You should get credit for being the person you are!

  • Cindy Fairfield - 11 months ago

    I would have gone with 'TheMerc'. It's gotta ring to it... Just sayin'

  • Linda - 11 months ago

    I do like the suggestion of pwmerc or pwthemercb but by all means, you must keep the pw....it's who you are

  • Connie - 11 months ago

    I voted pwmercantile but then read comments. It should br merc instead of mercantile with or without the pw. Nobody wants to spell mercantile when they are telling a friend about it etc. shorter is better - KISS it -keep it simple. Easier to put on boxes, labels, advertising ........

  • Tania Robbens - 11 months ago

    I vote for The Mercantile. Because it's easier to read and remember! Because you always talk about The Merc☺. Greatings from Belgium ????

  • Cindee Gratias - 11 months ago

    I like them both, but I lean toward themerchantile.com because it's simpler. Also, my brain is accustomed to seeing PNW since I live in the Seattle area, so it took me a second look to distinguish and separate the pw out. So excited for your progress!

  • Bobbie Chapman - 11 months ago

    If I could make up a new one I'd call it pwmerc.com. Your brand is The Pioneer Woman so I think it should be in the name and not so generic as "mercantile"....that could be anybody. In the same vain you usually call it the merc so why not use this shortened form for the website...less letters to type out.

  • Ann - 11 months ago

    THEmercantile.com compliments THEpioneerwoman.com Seems obvious to me ;-)

  • rita - 11 months ago

    Thinking of the long-term future, in case you ever decide to sell it, I prefer themercantile. Also, my eyes went back and forth a few times before I could visually separate the pw from the rest.

  • Lorrinda - 11 months ago

    This mercantile building is your baby, and you are PW! You own it, so own pwmercantile.com is the way to go. Best of luck to you! Can't wait for the online store to be online!

  • danusha - 11 months ago

    i am thinking about google and other search engines which finish the spelling for you (when you can't remember something/spelling etc)
    i would think that
    when someone enters pwmerc... by the time they hit the letter C, it will already come up in the suggestions
    more so than themer... (first 6 letters of each)
    actually (being anal like that) i just tried it
    by the time i hit
    pwme >>> it already came up
    then i hit
    themerc >>> didn't show up at all yet
    themercan>>>finally showed up
    of course this might change as the site is up and running...but in the meantime could it be easier to find?

  • Nancy - 11 months ago

    Two schools of thought.

    I voted for pwmercantile.com as that will distinguish you from any other online merchandise store and since there are already merc.com and merc.net, definitely need to get your definition in it with the "pw" You are also known by PW in many areas of your website, blog, cookbooks, too.

    However, :-) if you want to be found when people are looking for anything in the merchandise world related to cooking/kitchen/whatever you are selling, the merchantile.com would draw in everyone, not just the ones that know you as Pioneer Woman or PW. The mercantile says you sell everything from "soup to nuts", but pwmercantile might limit one's thinking to only your merchandise.

    Just some thoughts......I still am leaning towards pwmercantile...... : )

  • Philippa - 11 months ago

    I voted for pwmerc. as this will help people find your site easier, but just my opinion.

  • Linda Aderholt - 11 months ago

    In my thoughts it should be themercantile because you are so proud if the fact that it is an original building in your home town. The building is attached to the very roots of your town which is why you wanted to rebuild it with true Oklahoma pride. Your products sell themselves because of the great taste and workmanship that you put into it. Let your hometown stand out.

  • Londa Coy - 11 months ago

    I like pwmercantile.com

  • Candice - 11 months ago

    You've been calling it The Merc yourself since it was just an idea. The Merc has stuck in my head and I can't think of any other way to think of it. Shorter and simple has always been the way to go, especially on the Internet.

  • Charity K - 11 months ago

    As a person who is surrounded by a Brand Strategy team ALL DAY at work, and this is all I hear about... definitely pwmercantile.com. Pioneer Woman is your brand, so it should be in as many places as you can put it, especially in a major hub like the internet. It's how people recognize you, and it will draw them into the store both online and in person.

  • Lu Smith - 11 months ago

    I voted for themerc because I thought it looked better on paper.

  • Jane - 11 months ago

    Isn't The Mercantile the name of the store?
    I'm voting for the name of the store. Why complicate things?

  • Sally S - 11 months ago

    I thought for sure that it would be ‘themerc’.com or PWMerc - seemed to have a snappier ring to it...but, whatever you decide on ... we’ll (your loyal fan base) will find you! ;) Best wishes as you continue on this journey!

  • Cindy - 11 months ago

    I love themercantile.com because I sense that this project is more about COMMUNITY than it is about YOU. You will be well-represented enough as the spirit behind the project. 2 cents, no charge

  • Joyce - 11 months ago

    themerc.com...the shorter the better. I know "PW" is synonymous with your brand, but trust me on this. You're in, you're out! Thank you for letting us share in the process!

  • Jane B - 11 months ago

    I see that themerc.com and themerc.net are both taken, but themerc.us might be available. However, if people just type in themerc, they'll get the one that has the dot com extension, I think. Although I voted for themercantile, I see that everything else you do seems to be pwmercantile, so I've changed my mind!

  • Dorene - 11 months ago

    PWMerc.com says everything - it identifies with you (who everyone loves) and it defines the Merc

  • TAC - 11 months ago

    How about the thepwmerc.com as an easy compromise.

  • Bobbi Mezger - 11 months ago

    Short and sweet.

  • Karen Tobin - 11 months ago

    As you can see I have a lengthy web and e-mail address, if i had it to do over it would be shorter.
    I love you and your name and brand are already there and as Candy said "it will all be connected anyway", KISS keep it simple!
    The Merc or mercantile .com
    You are our favorite!!!!!!!

  • candy - 11 months ago

    I voted for themercantile but in reading the comments I really like themerc. Be careful about initials. Some have alternate meanings.

  • Colleen - 11 months ago

    I voted pw just because it makes me think of you :)
    On our way home from a trip up to S. Dakota (we live in Katy, Texas), I talked my husband into making a detour over to Pawhuska!! We found The Merc and Alco!! It was so exciting to find and explore your neck of the woods :) (we looked at all the cows in the area to see if there were any we recognized ;) ha). We came through last Sunday so it was quiet around town but we enjoyed the cute little downtown area where The Merc is located. I love the arches and corner pole on this old historic building! (I think you should also buy that adorable flat iron building across the street). The surrounding country was just beautiful!! I can hardly wait to make my next trip through to visit!

  • Rhonda - 11 months ago

    I also agree with using themerc.com if available.

  • tracy griffith - 11 months ago

    There are a lot of different configurations of themercantile out there already. ALOT! For that reason I like pw!

  • Susan Borman - 11 months ago

    At first I liked pwmercantile for the obvious reason, that's who you are, but typing themercantile is much easier to maneuver. So out of the two choices I'm going with the easier to type. I actually agree with the commenter who suggested themerc.com because that's how you refer to it most of the time. Maybe that one wasn't available. Looking forward to it! ????

  • Kelly - 11 months ago

    I get the PW stands for Pioneer Woman but when I see it as part of the URL, I see/think POW (prisoner of war). But I'm weird so that's probably just me. Needless to say I voted for themercantile.com. Short, sweet, and to the point.

  • Ann Evans - 11 months ago

    Voted pwmercanitle. If some are like me I may remember it's some kind of store but what was it called. Duh. But always remember PW then options pop up. But I definitely will not forget, I'm very excited to see the site. I know I'll never be able to travel there at this stage in my life so yeah for the internet.
    All the best with all your endeavors.

  • Barb - 11 months ago

    Ree, I really like your nickname for the place: "The Merc" I voted Themercantile.com, but that doesn't show your personality like Themerc.com would. You have the big choice of choosing your name so folks can find you on the web, but we'll find you the old fashioned way by driving up and visiting in person. Simply can't wait for opening day! Hope to be there with bells on!

  • Debra - 11 months ago

    I like pwmercantile because like others have already stated it identifies your Pioneer Woman brand.

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