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Do you believe marijuana should be decriminalized in Norfolk?

Posted 2 years.


  • Darline S - 2 years ago

    No marijuana should not be decriminalized it should have stiffer penalties .It is illegal. .It leads to to hard drugs for a high.. .. It makes drug dealers rich, and and a waste of money going down the drain

  • Carol Hayes- Grocki - 2 years ago

    DeCriminalize was approved a year ago in Toledo, Ohio! Every City, State and Municipality need to get on board and do the same thing Nationwide! No Fines No Time is a step in the right direction!

  • Phillip K. - 2 years ago

    Keep in mind that this bill will not make marijuana legal. It only decriminalizes it so you'll get a ticket instead of going to jail. You can still be fired for failing a drug test because it's still illegal at the federal level. Although I don't smoke it myself, I can appreciate the benefits of this bill on taxpayers and for the people who smoke it so I support it. I do have some friends that smoke it regularly and it seems to be akin to having a beer or two after work. I would ask those that are oppose this bill, what purpose would it serve to not pass the bill? The stepping-stone argument is not really a valid one. Anyone who's had sex with their partner didn't consider becoming a prostitute. Anyone who can juggle doesn't run off to join the circus. If you actually know people who use marijuana, you can clearly see that there is no need to tie up the judicial system with this nonsense (and then issue jail sentences on top of that). I am a non-user but I support this bill.

  • Steven - 2 years ago

    I don't even understand why people are being hassled about the drug. Why isn't tobacco illegal. I mean like it's killing people everyday!

  • cheryl - 2 years ago

    Yes weed should be decrimialized. There are so many uses for thc oil mediacally. If it were sold like alcohol we could make billions and could clear the deficits in no time.

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    I'm surprised va hasn't done it yet, knowing how much they already rape you in taxes. They would make a killing if they finally legalized it. And I know that all Va is about is that revenue. The most screwed up southern state is right here in Va????

  • Brian Jackson - 2 years ago

    Our Judicial system has much more important issues to focus on. The amount of money spent on petty pot crimes could be used to help rape, murder, extremely dangerous drug, and violent crime victims.

  • Danna Hamilton - 2 years ago

    Marijuana has more good effects than bad. Alcohol has more bad effects than good. Why do people think marijuana is bad? No reason. Drinking leads to drugs. Any emergency or important decision can be made logically under the influence of marijuana. Not so with alcohol.

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