A group of Jews and friends who stand uncompromisingly for the right to keep and bear arms — and the entire Bill of Rights.

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What is the greatest current threat to our gun rights?

Posted 2 years.


  • DAN III - 2 years ago

    I voted Other. Government schools and leftist teachers. Our children are not being educated. They're being indoctrinated to be left-wing disciples and stooges. They grow up to then oppose traditional American values.

  • MamaLiberty - 2 years ago

    You keep asking this question and the answer remains the same... The greatest current threat to all liberty and "rights" is the belief - outright or unrecognized - that any non-voluntary government or "laws" they produce have any legitimate authority to control our lives or limit those rights. The whole idea that some people can be given the power to control any part of our life, and then that, somehow, those people in power can be controlled... That's the problem.

    "Gun rights" are not separate from the others. People have to take back self ownership and self responsibility for everything before they can hope to protect their guns - or their freedom.

    And it's not going to happen by asking, begging or even threatening the politicians and statists they've "elected." It's not going to happen by electing the "right people."

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