Welcome to vote for your favorite Duo and Ensemble Work at The International Timo Korhonen Composition Competition! The aim of the competition is to gain new, high-quality chamber music repertoire for school aged classical guitarists. Its goal is to be an important event nationally and internationally. Timo celebrated his 50th birthday in special way. He asked his friends instead bringing flowers or presents to donate money for composition competition. Here we have the results!

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What is your favorite composition in Ensemble Category? (Poll Closed)

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Posted 2 years.


  • Arianna - 2 years ago

    Cardini's Enantiodromia is a great open minded composition, the best merger of elegance, rhythm and energy!

  • Marijke - 2 years ago

    Echo is a wonderful composition! Such nice tension and contrast!

  • Marco - 2 years ago

    ¡Grande Jose!
    Habrá que celebraro con cerveza belga y un partidito de PlayStation!! Jajaja

  • Δημήτρης Γεωργάτος - 2 years ago

    Το λυρικό έργο Echo είναι ένα Μεσογειακό κομμάτι που σε σημέια θυμίζει Χατζιδάκι! Ευχαριστώ για την όμορφη μουσική!

  • Oscar Arias - 2 years ago

    Muy bonito, me recuerda cuando propuse la ley para hacer una aurora boreal en mi gobierno

  • Giorgos Kyriatzis - 2 years ago

    Εξαιρετικό το έργο του Ορέστη Βίλλεμεν

  • Evi Lioudaki - 2 years ago

    Καλή επιτυχία Ορέστη! Εύη

  • Grace de la Cuesta - 2 years ago

    Que orgullo, que un Costarricense y excelente músico esté nominado

  • María Clara Vargas Cullell - 2 years ago

    Qué orgullo tus logros !!!

  • Manrique - 2 years ago

    Exc mucha suerte la mejor de las suertes

  • Grettel Loría - 2 years ago

    Muy bien por José Mora. Verdaderamente inspirador.

  • Grettel Loría - 2 years ago

    Música que sensibiliza el alma.

  • Wen Carvajal - 2 years ago

    Wowww...cerré los ojos y pude imaginar la Aurora Boreal al compás de la música...impresionante!

  • Carine Couet - 2 years ago

    Beautiful Echo! So delicate and meditative! More works like this

  • Marta Santamaria - 2 years ago

    Thanks for the opportunity to share the great talent Costa Rica has

  • maria rodriguez t - 2 years ago

    Muchos exitos

  • Anna - 2 years ago

    Simone Cardini FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura - 2 years ago

    Wonderful composition "Aurora" from Jose Mora-Jimenez!

  • Jorge - 2 years ago

    Fantastic, José Mora-Jiménez

  • Rosario Elizondo - 2 years ago

    Beautiful composition from José Mora-Jimenez

  • Mark - 2 years ago

    fantastic simone

  • roby - 2 years ago

    ottimo compositore simone

  • Enrico - 2 years ago

    Simone Cardini, very good

  • William Granados - 2 years ago

    Otro Tico que pone en alto nuestra Patria!!
    Vamos, votemos por nuestro compatriota!!!

  • Zanier - 2 years ago

    Great sensitivity and perfect synchronisation between the guitarists.
    Really beautiful while peaceful time listening to this Echo.
    Congratulations to both the musicians and the composer !

  • Keylor Navas - 2 years ago

    Vamos los ticos!

  • Carolina Ramírez - 2 years ago

    The work of Jose Mora-Jimenez is really beautiful!

  • Lara - 2 years ago

    Cardini is wonderful!

  • Enrico Ciannella - 2 years ago

    Cardini eccezionale

  • Massimiliano - 2 years ago

    Simone Cardini!!

  • Greta De Bisschop - 2 years ago

    Mooi repetitief!

  • Ana Lao - 2 years ago

    ¡Preciosa composición!

  • andres - 2 years ago

    Jose Mora`s composition from Costa Rica must be heard is outstanding.

  • Kim Guthrie - 2 years ago

    Love Shaun's composition it's beautiful

  • Kenneth Porras - 2 years ago


  • Ramonet Rodriguez - 2 years ago

    Excellent composer

  • Ramonet Rodriguez - 2 years ago

    Excellent composer

  • José Castillo - 2 years ago

    Excelente compositor

  • Iwona Hölttä - 2 years ago

    Beautiful Echo!

  • Pirjo Peltola - 2 years ago

    Hieno sävellys. Echo kuvaava nimi kappaleelle.

  • Paola Monge - 2 years ago


  • Timo Korhonen - 2 years ago

    Thanks for you all! I try to change the language settings.
    ääni = vote
    I will try to correct this asap!

  • Sofia Espinoza-Tosi - 2 years ago

    Beautiful composition!

  • Nuria ZÚÑIGA - 2 years ago

    Es un gran compositor costarricense y esta obra dedicada a la más temprana edad está Estética-técnica y pedagógicamente pensada.

  • Sarita Jiménez - 2 years ago

    One lilting and excellent work

  • Timo Korhonen - 2 years ago

    Thanks for you all! I try to change the language settings.
    ääni = vote
    I will try to correct this asap!

  • Marco Jimenez - 2 years ago

    Great competition. Thank you for your music.

  • Juun voorhoeve - 2 years ago

    Great player; great ideas

  • Laura Ramirez - 2 years ago

    Great contest!

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