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Which issue will most influence your vote in the upcoming Orange byelection?

  • Greyhound ban

  • Forced amalgamations

  • Healthcare

  • Transport

  • Hunting legislation

  • Law and order

  • None, I will remain loyal to a particular party

  • Other

Posted 2 years.


  • daryl - 2 years ago

    greyhound ban will be felt through the entire state.BAIRDS pathetic excuses have worn thin.he had every chance to reform the industry,and he wailed like a baby because of some indiscretions.he uses all his powers to wipe everything else out,why not use it to show the grey industry how things can be done. no he had to hurt the people.he had to smite them to show his power. CESARE did the same once,and he found out in the end(actually,in the back) who his friends really were. ET TU BRUTE.

  • Craig - 2 years ago

    Anyone but the nats

  • James Barlow - 2 years ago

    I think Mike Baird has shot himself in the foot, what with the greyhound racing ban and council mergers being forced upon us against our will.

  • NGRU - 2 years ago

    #PutNatsLast they have done enough damage to rural areas, it's time for change!

  • NGRU - 2 years ago

    #PutNatsLast they have done enough damage to rural areas, it's time for change!

  • Philip Donato - 2 years ago

    I'll be watching the results of this poll very closely for the by-election.

    However, I do fear that The Nationals have stopped listening - especially on the greyhound racing ban.

  • Alex Uren - 2 years ago

    Pleasing to see that there is only about 6% who want to remain loyal to their usual party.At least 94% of the voters realise when they're being screwed .

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