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Which novels do you wish to see translated?

Posted 1 year.


  • Noel Quarta - 4 months ago

    World break is actually boring for me, The story is mainstream with another title with a bit difference character setting. So i think it will be better to choose Encore since there is no one who translate it currently,
    Actually i found one in Indonesia but all he did is gave me at least 5 link shorters and a dozens of ads before the content. The translation itself is shit since he is a fresh noob at japanesse.

  • Justine Alvarez - 1 year ago

    My goodness, world break has anime adaptation already. Please do Encore instead. It's very interesting and the PLOT is very good!

  • Francis - 1 year ago

    sekai no owari tranlation started on July 2014, but even in 2016 even volume 2 remains uncompleted after 2 years that is 2016. The last update was March 3,2016... come on guys vote for it. Its quite an interesting one.
    And thanks for all the translations, I have read all your translated LN's

  • Mark Ward - 1 year ago

    Please do world break

  • Zinos - 1 year ago

    Please please choose World Break. I loved the anime and want more.

  • Rocko - 1 year ago

    Sword and wizards please..................

  • DragonOsman - 1 year ago

    Sekai Owari no Encore is already being translated by Code-Zero. He's currently doing a part of DxD Volume 22 as rehab to get back into it, but it's still his main project. So I think the people who want it should try to be a bit more patient for Code-Zero to get back to it.

    I don't know much about the others to vote on them. I read a bit of World Break, but I'm not sure how good it is aside from that.

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