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Each state H.S. association must have a pitch count rule in 2017 along with a rest period. If the max is 86-110 pitches, what should the rest period be?

Posted 2 years.


  • Greg Brumley - 7 months ago

    Guys, as Lou points out in his editorial, this isn't the do all and end all.

    Of course HS arms (almost all still growing) must be protected and some standard is necessary. I, for one, would recommend a 5-day rest above 80 pitches. Even said, one must realize that barrier is too high for some players and not high enough for others.

    Some other information must be weighed.

    Parents, for instance, should be encouraged to report long-term injuries to their sons' arms and their affects of the pitchers' college careers. This should be kept in the school's athletic file. The very --extremely -- few coaches who use up high school pitchers' arms would then be on notice.

    In the final analysis, experience controls. Orthopaedists should educate coaches beyond the pitch limit. There are risk indicators to be recognized. Experienced coaches, in general, have strong powers of observation and will err toward caution. At the same time, players must be educated to what responsibility really is -- and it ain't winning a big game. There are things you owe your teammates and things you do not.

    Pitch counts are good indicators in a field which much needs them. But they can never be absolutes.

  • Mark Evans - 1 year ago

    Why is there no option for 5 or 6 days of rest after throwing 86-110 pitches?

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