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Which Story Next? (Poll Closed)

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Posted 11 months.


  • Katrina McTyer (lzdiva4) - 11 months ago

    I enjoy all your stories, so whatever you work on I will be happy, but I wanted you to know I'm loving One Night and would enjoy seeing more of it. Since it wasn't a choice, here I am expressing a preference. Please continue to update it. Unfortunately, I'm not always consist with leaving reviews but believe me when I say we're out here reading and enjoying.

  • Terryl - 11 months ago

    OK- Mer, I like ALL of your stories, but I'm LOVING One Night and want to see that continue. I'm dying to see the interactions of Godric with Eric and Sookie in Dallas. The premise of the whole thing was so interesting and I'm STILL fascinated and I've adored the way you've revealed this story. I'm GRATEFUL for any and all chapters you give. I cannot always comment, but I do really try to. I'm ALWAYS excited when I see a post of yours. When I'm having a bad day, and I've got time, I reread chaps of Anticipation or Decisions just to make myself feel better- and to get me some Godric. Seriously. I'm sure it's weird, but I can't help it. Favorite chapters are like a favorite stuffie or lovey to a 2-year old. Alright, back to drinkin' my tea and headin' to bed. Again, thank you for all of your stories.

  • Medtran49 - 11 months ago

    One night please, then STC, then ATS. THANKS for continuing your stories.

  • Nicole Raslich - 11 months ago

    I love One Night, please don't stop! I need to see what happens when she meets godric. I don't always comment or like posts but I read them. Sometimes I'm sneaking in a quick distraction between projects and forget to go back and comment. My second vote is STC.

  • Belynda Killebrew Brock - 11 months ago

    I need more of one night!!!!!! Uggg I'll go back and poke more buttons. I love to be in Eric's head!!!!

  • Claire Smith - 11 months ago

    In response to the downturn in reveiws, and likes:
    Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I tend to review/like more when the story excites me. It's not that it is boring (or I wouldn't be reading it). More that, the last couple of chapters have been focused on the mundane lives of the characters, rather than the story moving forward. I freely admit, I am an impatient witch, and you do tend to get a little wordy(Oh yes you do!). Eric. Godric, and Sookie's internal musings/diatribes. whilst being imensely amusing, do not really reveal anything that moves the story forward. So, I am afraid, a lot of it is data dumped by my brain, or skimmed over in an attempt to get to the juicy stuff quicker. I did freely admit to being impatient, I know it's a fault of mine, not with your writing/stories. I do try not to be so grasping, but unforunately, I fail more often than succeed.
    So, worry not. I still love to read your stories, but I should probably wait till they are complete. Shoulda, woulda, CAN'T WAIT!!

  • Irene Takamizu - 11 months ago

    The Moon.

    It looks like Sookie Takes Charge wins. I love feisty Sookie and hate wimpy Sookie. Give her some backbone and love towards Eric and I'll follow you anywhere.

  • Louise J Fisher - 11 months ago

    I love reading all your stories about Eric and Goddric but I can't stand sookie. I find her like wet lettuce. I just started reading your latest story called "One Night" is bloody good and how you interact both maker and progeny. Don't pull the story. Has the many others stories that left unfinished and that's bloody frustrating specially when get into int"!!

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