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Why are you visiting dating a sociopath?

Posted 5 months.


  • Jane - 2 months ago

    My daughter aged 24 has just left an 18 month relationship with a sociopath. A woman he was cheating with discovered his 'real life' and contacted my daughter to let her know. Thankfully she left immediately and returned home. Now we are discovering just how hard it is to shake off this twisted evil piece of work. I am actually quite afraid of just how this will pan out and we are both looking over our shoulder constantly. He will not let go !! The latest is a rambling 12 page letter that was hand delivered and I kid you not the paper has been completely drenched in his aftershave (like a tom cat marking its territory) together with an expensive gift. We have decided to continue ignoring him, have cut all contact with his family and friends etc. He unfortunately lives very close to us. He is a high functioning sociopath. Just how afraid do you think we should be ?? My daughter will not go back under any circumstances and fully gets that it was all fake and manipulation. We have seen him sitting in his car watching our home and his mask has well and truly slipped. He looks demonic and haggard. Any advise greatly accepted.

  • Carol - 5 months ago

    Thank you, Positivagirl, for all your comments and inspiration. I have been Sociopath free for over 5 years. I was in/out of the relationship for 11 years. He's still trying to harass me. I make no contact...none.

    Healing and understanding takes a long time. All your words that I receive notice of in my email are so encouraging and confirming. I have made a lot of progress in healing although I have not sought professional help. I don't talk about it with anyone because no one would understand or believe what I would say IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A SOC. This is why your words are powerful to me. A Heartfelt thank you to you.

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