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Which new payment systems would you use for payouts?

  • Neteller

  • SolidTrustPay

  • Perfect Money

  • Bitcoin

  • Other

Posted 1 year.


  • amlaml - 1 year ago

    Bitcoin very good

  • Sylvain Leveillee - 1 year ago

    Bitcoin the best
    Not obliged to use coinbase, there is simpler a light personal portfolio no blockchain to download. Just your wallet to back up on your computer

    Electrum bitcoin wallet

  • Donna - 1 year ago

    Paypal is becoming a non-option because they are limiting or closing TE owner accounts. They didn't tell me to change anything. They just said remove the PayPal buttons. They're not even trying to negotiate. They're just dictating. Even if you try to negotiate with them, they just ignore you and there's nothing you can do other than do what they say or take legal action. They have had at least one class action lawsuit against them and they lost, but they're still up to their old tricks.

  • Leandra Ruiz - 1 year ago


  • m03e5 - 1 year ago

    Paypal is the best for us, while we usually converted our money to membership or credits, payouts are still be very convenient to have via paypal.
    It looks like paypal may be denying its usage for PPC/PTC there is got to be a way to overcome that, after all its all bout naming the service you are paying for (AFAIS)

    Please bring back PAYPAL

  • Liessell Young - 1 year ago

    Nice we should be able to chose our payout

  • Chewy - 1 year ago

    An extra info about PP: http://www.paypalwarning.com/

  • tata david agwe - 1 year ago

    thanks for this , it will help me to easily do my cash out thanks

  • cyber2x - 1 year ago

    I still prefer paypal

  • Asaduzzaman - 1 year ago

    Please SKRILL is the best choice and is very very better than other method payment

  • freddyy - 1 year ago

    cards visa and master card

  • Michelle - 1 year ago

    Paypal seems to be stopping the work from home programs again as they did before, and I think people are tired of worrying how they will get their money so I think an option to buy or get paid to their checking or savings account or even get paid by a check in the good old fashion way of the us mail is a great option.

  • Roy Evans - 1 year ago

    Should only be PayPal. None of the others get your money to you. This Bit Thing going on now has really messed things up again for everyone.

  • fu - 1 year ago

    Jacqueline J. and S. H. Teet fuck you and fuck paypal :D

  • Alan - 1 year ago

    PayPal is good..but PayPal now is crackdown All TE Biz, they freeze All TE owner account, for those wish to use PayPal, Try using Bitcoin via Coinbase then ask withdraw via PayPal ( Valid For U.S. Verified Account only)

  • Adel - 1 year ago

    PayPal is my paying method

  • leonard - 1 year ago

    Hi there,I'am only use paypal. thanks

  • منشور عربى - 1 year ago

    paypal and payza only :)

  • Exon Banderela - 1 year ago

    Paypal and Neteller only ;)

  • Scott H. Teet - 1 year ago

    Greetings Fellow Earthlings,?
    Every one is so hot to jump ship because PayPal is only following the rules of those we put in charge. They have been here since ye beginning. I have only been here for almost 4 years, a lot of us even less but they have to follow the rules such as their pay out procedures. We need to work with PayPal and make the necessary changes to move into the future with them. If they are requesting specifically that ye remove all p t c ads from ye site do it. It shows professional courtesy. My Wife and I have always used PayPal, and when I noticed these changes coming we took the necessary steps to make sure of what we needed. We have Solid Trust Pay, Payza, E-wallet,not to mention a few more. We Trust Pay Pal. PayPal has done so much for ye. For instance ye have all been in violation of there pay out policies as soon as ye ignored and went with instant commissions. We also are Traffic exchange owners and promote several sites, never any problems. And before ye even get to the Judgments, ye really need to consider what it is that ye did to make things not right for thy self with the accused, before throwing the first stone. For thee maybe it would be a Blessing to ye, reconsider, before some one with PayPal's Billions, gets even more from the masses than they expected. For outlandish slander. And before thow respondeth with any harsh words believe me I Personally know for a fact that,


    Sincerely to, ye ?
    And our continued success,

    Jacqueline J. and S. H. Teet

  • vimal gautam - 1 year ago

    Donate bitcoin - 18rYEFcTb6aaJbHf3DyZxA5QKkLtrNYSMm

  • BANDARSAH BUSRI - 1 year ago


  • Kamal Sharma - 1 year ago

    Perfect Money

  • william - 1 year ago

    What happened to PayPal? I cannot request for payout for my easyhits4u earnings. I'm getting this message... "Paypal payout is temporarily suspended. Please check back later."

    Am I the only one who's getting this?
    Payza won't let me withdraw through bank. Please bring back PAYPAL ASAP...

  • marianne beck - 1 year ago


  • palawat8983 - 1 year ago

    Paypal & Payza

  • Christian - 1 year ago

    For people saying paypal is the best. You need to change your mindset, I'm a paypal user. But this industry it is going to changes, and paypal is not a supporter of make money from home businesses.

  • Mai - 1 year ago

    i voted Bitcoin and Payoneer.

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Paypal if we can send money personally, otherwise dump it before they dump you, they have no discretion and will ruin any business without batting an eyelid

  • Maryna - 1 year ago


  • Geo - 1 year ago

    All of the above Candidates can be awarded and more: Bitcoin, Payeer, Payza, Neteller, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and Skrill. Honourable Mentions are: Payoneer and OkPay. Payoneer being an exceptional merit.

  • Linda Collins - 1 year ago

    paypal please only option i have!

  • JHYLi - 1 year ago

    paypal and bitcoin

  • JL Rodriguez - 1 year ago

    Hi! Easyhits4u users!

    Neteller please!

  • I don´t have a name - 1 year ago

    Keep PayPal and add Skrill

  • Luiz Fernando Silva - 1 year ago

    Processador PAYPAL muito mais eficiente...Com ele consigo receber e fazer vendas com eficiencia de meus ebboks atravee da página de vendas CRIADOR DE OPORTUNIDADES...

  • alessandrorpg1 - 1 year ago

    easyhits4u esse site muito bom.

  • Betty Evanoff - 1 year ago

    I personally like the PayPal method because I use it as my preferred payment method. I guess others are just as good, so it's okay to add them.

  • TEMY SUBAKTIAN - 1 year ago

    Paypal is the best payment processor. Keep using PAYPAL but add perfectmoney or bitcoin too

  • George Waerea - 1 year ago

    Please retain Paypal,it's the only one i use and trust.I don't know the others.

  • intisorakbar - 1 year ago

    Don't remove PayPal, if u add other way payment, I think its okay, but don't remove PayPal. Thx

  • Ruben - 1 year ago

    PayPal is better according to me as it gives me a direct cashout from it.

  • deni - 1 year ago

    paypal is better payment online, i can use paypal tu buy and pay house, atribute and oyher

  • Charlotte - 1 year ago


  • henry - 1 year ago


  • koper - 1 year ago

    Please add Neteller.


  • Maxpudi - 1 year ago

    Paypal is great.
    If add new payment systems it must be Bitcoin. It's good enough and accepted all country.

  • Emmanuel Owusu - 1 year ago

    Bitcoin is good for online marketers.

  • Ronnapop Daengseeon - 1 year ago

    my country ,bitcoin accepted all country.

  • vocnus - 1 year ago

    The question is about NEW payment processors, not about existing ones !!! :)

    So, I would prefer PerfectMoney and Bitcoin, also Neteller is excellent for me.

  • superman93 - 1 year ago

    Paypal INdefinitely

  • Jan - 1 year ago

    Every vew years, paypal will block some pay to xxx companies, i'm not afraid paypal will block easyhits4u ... imagine they will do that, and 1,227,374 easyhits4u members should complain to paypal about that issue, they will have a big problem and great losses when so many people don't use paypal anymore (read it well, don't use doesn't mean to deactivate your paypal-account)

    I should say to Jon Olsen ... just add as many purchase/payout options as possible
    some countries don't allow bitcoins, a lot of members have an payza or perfect money account but cannot exchange that to their bank-account, paypal still is accepted all over the world.
    All kind of money-accounts have their own troubles for some people, add as many purchase/payout options as possible and let the members choose.

  • nhoonuch - 1 year ago

    Keep Paypal, but add Bitcoin.

  • Lev02 - 1 year ago

    I like bitcoin

  • tata david - 1 year ago

    i like st p ,pert f m,bit c,PayPal ,thanks

  • ciro giovane - 1 year ago

    prefiro paypal

  • Valeriy - 1 year ago

    Bitcoin and Perfect Money

  • Sarsi - 1 year ago

    I like bitcoin, and payza

  • Istvan Gyorgy Huba - 1 year ago

    I don't understand why so many people ask for Payza when it is already available long ago.

  • KhaK - 1 year ago

    Perfect money

  • Joseph - 1 year ago

    PayPal is trying to do something very bad to on-line marketing; especially in the TE, PTP and MLM areas.
    Bitcoin is a great alternative and I agree with Robert Batten, if indeed Payza does employ bitcoin's use, it could be a viable addition.

  • donald ukponu - 1 year ago


  • azithkumar Kanaparthy - 1 year ago

    Praise the Lord father Please provide me your Business

  • Abdelgadir Algak - 1 year ago


  • Abdelgadir Algak - 1 year ago

    I use STP and would like to see Payza also.

  • bandarsah - 1 year ago

    I like bitcoin

  • LUIS PEDRO SOUSA - 1 year ago

    https://www.neteller.com/pt NETELLER OU PayPal são as minhas melhores escolhas.OBRIGADO

  • Mohamad Alam - 1 year ago

    Payza is best virtual online marketing payouts way. Go with Payza. In Bangladesh it is available by using BCBL Bank. Everyone trust with Payza and get online transaction.

    Mohammad Alam

  • Robert Batten - 1 year ago

    Paypal has mounted a campaign to ban all PTC sites so we should ban them as well. We all surf at different sites. 95% of these sites are switching to Payza or Bitcoin. Payza also accepts Bitcoin as payment and for deposit.

    My vote is therefore to switch to both Bitcoin and Payza and give people the option to choose which one.

  • N A B Naranpanawa - 1 year ago

    I like Bitcoin.

  • M Srinivasa - 1 year ago

    Bitcoin and payza both are suitable

  • mixail - 1 year ago


  • Valiantsina - 1 year ago

    Perfect Money

  • Alden Headlam - 1 year ago

    Payoneer is also choice of payment method its a must have.

  • roman - 1 year ago


  • Chrispinus Egesa - 1 year ago

    Changes are inevitable.By adding more payment processor options is going to encourage many people to in Easy hits program.This give people freedom to use processors of their choice.

  • Claus Nothwang - 1 year ago

    paypal is ok
    I don´t trust others

  • Gloria - 1 year ago

    Please, consider adding Neteller and Payoneer. I would be more than grateful if you implement them as the new payment methods. Best wishes.

  • Ivan - 1 year ago

    Paypal are still the best choice but bitcoin is a nice option too =)

  • Fernando da Silva Farias - 1 year ago

    Paypal is the best...

  • Muhammad Iqbal Khan - 1 year ago

    I use payza usd so please add payza too

  • Jujulia - 1 year ago

    Perfect money e PayPal

  • Marc - 1 year ago

    My understanding is that Bitcoins are not accepted in some major countries.... ie: China

  • Luiz Fernando da Silva - 1 year ago


  • AKM Rezaul Karim Karim - 1 year ago

    bitcoin is good, I also use payza usd so please add payza too

  • Benedict Isikhuemhen - 1 year ago

    Net teller is easy fast. Others like PayPal, moneygram , western union are also good.

  • Marjito - 1 year ago

    Bitcoin :)

  • Islam Mahmoud - 1 year ago

    شنو اضافه باى بال

  • tinnu - 1 year ago

    as i am an indian resident,
    I recieve bitcoins within 4 hours to 24 hours from my home, which is very convenient for me, they charges very less or no amount on transfers.
    But, Paypal takes around 7 to 15 days for transfering money in my account with heavy transfering fee

    Bitcoin is Awesome

  • Barbara - 1 year ago

    Bitcoin very good

  • Istvan Gyorgy Huba - 1 year ago

    Use as many alternatives as you can, because PayPal may block your account like they did with many PTC and TE sites.

  • Bakhrun Abdinegara - 1 year ago


  • Jozef Botos - 1 year ago

    I used long time to Paypal... Paypal is the best!!

  • joemari balajadia - 1 year ago

    please keep using PayPal thanks

  • Kainsmoney - 1 year ago

    Bitcoin is the real 2nd alternative for Traffic Exchanges, spread the word :)

  • Fation Mejdiaj - 1 year ago

    Please SKRILL is the best choice and is very very better than other method payment

  • We should be able to choose our payout. Some people may want credits, money,bitcoins. When you give people choices they become responsible for their outcome.

  • Miguel - 1 year ago

    Im a Easyhits4u user, keep using PayPal but add neteller too

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