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How do you think the U.S. economy will do under Donald Trump's presidency?

Posted 1 year.


  • cosmeticos eroticos - 8 months ago

    I think it will be the same!!

  • sex shop sp - 8 months ago

    I'm unsure about this question. Is hard to predict what be come

  • Wellington - 8 months ago

    Donald Trump is bad guy in my opinion of course!

  • letra caixa - 8 months ago

    What's economy?

  • xXRandomKidAtSchool69420Xx - 1 year ago

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  • hugotheimpaler - 1 year ago

    Who's economy?

  • Anthony in Sac - 1 year ago

    It'll be better for those at the top, the same or worse for those at the bottom. Unless, a true job-creating stimulus package (not the tax giveaway currently on the table) is passed through Congress. If that happens, it should be better for all. I am choosing not to interject my politics into what should be a purely economic discussion. Let's hope our elected leaders can do the same. I have my doubts.

  • toni hansen - 1 year ago

    Donald Trump will put America first. Yes he has substantial personal debdt issues, Russian banks prop up his flagging real estate holdings. Presidency has given him immunity to prosecutions. He has a huge job ahead of him.
    Donald Trump will use this opportunity to manage his personal financial issues, but he's smart enough to know, he has to turn the American economy around quickly, to get a second term and this will also improve his own financial position. He's a wild card, an uncut gem. America needs a forceful strong president. If he looks after key allies like Australia, trade with Russia and China then I think he is the man for the job. Hilary was is in the Clinton mindset, under her America would have got more of the same. Trump will be very contraversal president but he offers a whole new direction for the America. A strong America is the key to a strong world economy. There will be pain and collateral damage, but America will emerge better for it. Go Donald.

  • robert Maxwell - 1 year ago

    People can call Wendy a lot of names, but she's presenting facts. If those fact lead to their logical conclusions we'll be in the toilet. But that's okay too -- we can continue to blame the liberals. "Obama's legacy" or something. Anything will do.

  • Beauman - 1 year ago

    you are pretty much retarded....
    or just very uninformed. or just a hater..
    the working class has spoken..and besides, i think you are describing Hillary to a tee,,
    WE, are the United States Of America,and you belong in Dumbfuckistand, with the rest of the uninformed,dumb downed school kids out portesting what they dont know, or weren't tought in the Goverment regulated school system... Thank you verry much for showing just how stupid Democrats are...!!

  • Investor999 - 1 year ago

    Wow... What a Bunch of BS Ms. WendyMaddy... get a life!

  • wendymaddy - 1 year ago

    anybody who thinks this feebleminded, chaotic, undisciplined, shallow, egocentric nonreader, ignorant person could in any possible way enhance our economy is not realizing that the only reason he ran for president is because he's in financial trouble and legal trouble on many fronts and he sought the presidency for purely selfish reasons - to get himself immune from prosecution for however long he can hold onto the office. however, treason for colluding with an enemy of the united states, boris yeltsin, and conspiring with their computer hacks to steal the names and addresses of all of the democratic party registered voters and officers and structure and thinking so they could cheat on the election at the poll sites to throw key swing states and hence the electoral votes instead of the popular vote to trump by using this stolen information is grounds not only for his arrest for treason on constitutional grounds, even if he gets sworn into office, and he faces trial before being sworn in that should knock him out as a qualified candidate for the office, as it involves fraud and deceit, at the very least, and felonious behaviors for which he is wholly responsible in defrauding the plaintiffs substantially and intentionally of their fair due. he cannot get financing in the usa because of his six bankruptcies, cheating myriads of service providers to get himself out of his deserved debts, and thus he has a russian server in trump tower, directly linked to two russian banks, for which the fbi has a warrant obtained just days ago. it's time for us to realize that he is not our president because he cheated the entire nation using russian expertise to do it. spies who are found guilty of treason are put before a firing squad. that's probably too good for him. he'll probably run to another country with his unfairly earned assets and flourish in a banana republic or former iron curtain country, or even russia, itself, once he is finally brought before criminal and constitutional and tort and and contract courts to be judged and punished for his many transgressions. he thinks he is too famous, prominent and on paper at least rich, and that he has too many friends willing to keep him safe from prosecution and punishment for all his transgressions, according to law. we'll just have to see about that. the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. they've got enough on him right now to put him away and prevent him and the republican party from assuming the reins of power in january. the electoral college does not have to vote for trump, and clinton won the popular vote, so there is a window of time for justice.

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