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Should The Daily Shower have had Tomi Lahren on?

Posted 2 years.


  • Courtney - 2 years ago

    I think they can bring whoever they want on the show, but he should have definitely considered the optics. However, I don't think the conversation they had was productive. Let's stop acting like talking about issues is the same as solving them.

  • Cappadonna - 2 years ago

    I already know I'm in the minority, but I think Trevor Noah talking to this woman was the right move, because we do live in hermetically sealed bubbles. No, Noah and the Daily Show shouldn't become CNN's Crossfire where everyone's just doing partisan Cosplay. But there's another danger, throwing up middle fingers and staying in our little tribes is not a means for a democracy to run. It also lets stupid ideas thrive. One of the key elements for ending de jure segregation was the Black intellectual class openly engaging in dialogues with defenders of racism. Tomi Lahren's, right wing politics grow best where there is no sunlight, like mold in a basement. Exposing these people to open debate time and time again is the only means to permanently bury them. The discourse is annoying, but somebody gotta do it.

    Also, I think the idea that Trevor Noah is betraying blackness by having drinks with the woman after the show is a bit much. It's a martini not a finger bang. To you use your phrase Rod, Trevor's at work, even after the taping. He's probably had sessions with plenty of guests after his show. Anyone's who has ever worked above first tier customer service in corporate America has had to sit down for drinks with jack offs and assholes you hate for the sake of your job. Hell, we all go to the office Christmas Party because the bosses will be there.

    Also, political rivals can still be cordial and even respectful. Congressmen and lobbyists did it all the time until 2008. Van Jones and Al Sharpton have sit downs with Newt Gingrich and most sane people wouldn't call them 'Toms'. (I'm not counting the ashy among us.) And I'm quite sure that Rachel Maddow never considered gay conversion therapy because she used to have long winded discussion with Tucker Carlson or Pat Buchanan.

    That's it. I know I'm gonna get that Read on Saturday, but hey, we agree to disagree. Have a Good Week everyone!

  • Michelle - 2 years ago

    You should have had a third choice in the poll for "Yes, have them on the show but don't let them get to talk." I would love to see someone like that woman have to just sit and be lectured about how racist she really is.

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