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Best Linux distribution of 2016 (Poll Closed)

  • Linux Mint
    546 votes

  • Debian
    183 votes

  • Ubuntu
    333 votes

  • openSUSE
    122 votes

  • elementary
    234 votes

  • Manjaro
    222 votes

  • Fedora
    276 votes

  • Zorin
    24 votes

  • CentOS
    80 votes

  • Deepin
    38 votes

  • Other
    593 votes

Posted 2 years.


  • Torin - 2 years ago

    Debian GNU/Linux hands down! :-)

  • Jim Sch - 2 years ago

    For new users, Mint is still where it is happening. Still, AMD abandonning graphics driver support and lack of codec inclusion in the live environment feel regressive. I find myself demo-ing the 17,3 version, then installing the 18 series for clients.

    For the enthusiast, Manjaro is the heat. They cater to a surprising variety of DEs and you can opt for a conservative experience or a full-featured interface--all in a consistent demi-vetted rolling release. If you like seeing what the latest Cinnamon has to offer before it makes its way to Mint, Manjaro puts you ahead of the curve. If you want a rock solid XFCE for a production laptop, it's got it. If you want to see the latest features that KDE and Plasma are concocting, Manjaro has it working for you. If you want to make use of those new USB 3.1 ports on a new build or adjust to make that wacky wireless card,behave, you can get a more recent stable kernel and properly own your equipment. A significant draw of the *buntu distros is the available software selection.; Manaro and Arch are nearly as well supported and often more current in versioning with your favorite software. It was nice to see this wonderful distro rise in popularity this year.

    Thank you for your delightfully humorous, optimistic, practical, and cynical reviews. You are a harsh critic who also comes with solutions much of the time. You have your moods and frustrations, but so do most users. It's nice to read the insight of a tech guy who just expects things to work--like most users and does not apologize when they do not.

  • Wally Johnn - 2 years ago

    Mint Linux MATE 17.3. On my older hardware Mint Debian, LMDE, is slower.

    Another capable OS, imo, is PC Linux OS (or PCLOS), either in MATE or KDE5 Plasma, either is Stable or Rolling. It's a little slow on boot but most programs seem to work, unlike Opera trying to run under Fedora 24, due to the firewall.

    KDE5 is a challenge as its settings are as disconnected as in Windows 10. Just moving the task bar to the top of the screen is a chore, adding a program to automatically start on Start Up is not as easy as right clicking the program in the Menu and adding it as under MATE. But it can accept some nice themes to make it acceptable.

    KDE5 has a steep learning curve, but some of the effects are nice, like sliding windows where the focused, front, window slides up and behind the window you want to focus on, when one window is behind another.

  • lester - 2 years ago

    Manjaro KDE, hands down.

  • Jimmy Moses - 2 years ago

    This has to go to Solus. Other distros have been amazing and have definitely grow but this boy came out of nowhere and offers amazing stability and ease of use.

    The most shebang. Solus it is.

  • Caleb - 2 years ago

    Been using Arch Linux for about a year now. Definitely not for a 'GUI' enthusiast, but if you like knowing how your system works, and keeping it lean and clean, it's great. I also love the rolling release schedule.

  • Thisu - 2 years ago


  • Piyush - 2 years ago

    My favorites are Peppermint os and solus os.

  • Durval Menezes - 2 years ago

    How come, no especific entry for Devuan? A lot of those "other" votes must be going for it...

  • Dasto - 2 years ago

    It has to be Antergos. I've had it on all computers for over a year without issue and one iso has 6 desktops to choose from.

  • Rob - 2 years ago

    Linux Mint Debian Edition best of both worlds for me. All the bells & whistles plus consistency with the Debian derived Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone distros.

  • thanasis - 2 years ago

    Using linux exclusively since 2008 (KDE fanatic using many distros since then)
    my opinion is that linux covers all the requirements an average user has.

  • JOHN - 2 years ago

    can not comment on CAD but Libre office works jerking video never had a problem
    works fine also streaming even with vpn fine 1080p or higher

  • mm - 2 years ago

    Linux it's just for servers and nice looking boot window and desktop. Nothing else.
    Even simple video is jerking after a while and forget about the serious stuff like CAD, rendering, image editing, office and so on.
    Tried already almost all major distros and only Debian seems to be somehow reliable, the rest compared to Windows is just a joke, so sad...

  • Catfish - 2 years ago

    Been using linux mint xfce since 2014 Escaped windows tried others
    but i stick to linux mint it just works

  • Bhabesh Kumar Bhattacharya - 2 years ago

    I have started with Fedora in the year 2002. As I faced too many problems, I changed over to Debian in 2003. The very environment appealed to me. No looking back there after. Ofcourse, in between I have tried a few others. But they are mostly Debian derivatives like Ubuntu, Knopix etc. But while the mother distro can. effectively deliver, why to go to derivatives. Thank you.

  • Chris - 2 years ago

    Slackware 14.2, without doubt the best distro I've ever used in 15 years.

  • Jean Pierre Abgottspon - 2 years ago

    My choice is the rock solid Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 'Trusty'. It's THE solution for a home user. It's the only LINUX OS capable of diligently supporting users who are more capable to run their stuff on the GUI level rather on the nerdy console level, this during months and months on end. Any other OS collapse in not time under the hand of users who have a 'try and see the options offered by graphic displays'.


  • mk - 2 years ago

    'Jeremy - 6 hours ago
    What about slackware 14.2'...

    Asking statisticks? Well, keep asking... ;-)
    Maybe it's not so modern and good as you think?
    Tried once, honestly? - relic of the past.

  • Jeremy - 2 years ago

    What about slackware 14.2 Rock solid, fast, modern and awesome hardware detection

  • Corey Warner - 2 years ago

    Fedora 24 is the only distro I've come across that can handle the craptastic Realtek rtl8192ee wifi card in my Lenovo L440. I've been using 24 since it was released and it's been flawless, including getting my wife through Grad school.

    As far as the 16.04 Ubtuntus go, the standard vanilla and my previous favorite, Xubuntu, were disappointing. I have Ubuntu Gnome on my desktop along with a Hackintosh. The Gnome spin has been a pleasure to use and hassle free. I installed Ubuntu Mate in my in-laws' and father's computers because I got tired of fixing their W7. No complaints after 6 mo. and I haven't had to fix anything.

  • pajo - 2 years ago

    you still have the best angry critical site

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