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Who is the 2016 Fighter of the Year?

Posted 11 months.


  • Таке - 9 months ago

    Where is Tripple G?

  • Oleg - 9 months ago

    There is no one even close to Lomachenko's level. Loma would have beaten both frampton and cruz during the same evening in one ring. Fans clearly understand boxing much better and more professionally than the ring "experts". The latter call the wild-hitting-of-faces-by-two-bullies-without-any-defence as a "boxing" or as a fight of the year. Ridiculous.. Boxing is an art, and not a meat-stuff-producing-brawl. Very humiliating level of experts. You can imagine the quality of their ratings. Should one be shocked with their putting dull ward from knock-down to the top of the list? Something is wrong with all these "judges" and "experts"

  • Valentino Hernandez - 10 months ago

    Roman Gonzalez has been consistently wiping every apponent decisively. He deserves all the credit

  • Michael C. - 10 months ago

    That win over Quigg is so overrated.
    Tell me again why Quigg is such a great fighter? And Frampton barely beat him. The only reason that fight was a "unification" fight was because the WBA stripped Rigondeaux. They returned the title back to him afterwards. Hey Rigo, don't mind us we are just going to take the title from you while the two guys that ducked you fight for it. That was complete BS.

    The Santa Cruz win is OK, but I think there is several fighters that would beat Leo much more convincingly.

    It'll be a shame if Frampton wins FOTY. But of course he will probably win it.

  • Brendan - 10 months ago

    Lomachenko should be the 2016 FOTY.
    Unfortunately he probably won't get it because everybody and their mother is pushing for Frampton to get it on Social Media. However, the polls show that most think Lomachenko is the most deserving.

    If Frampton gets the award I'm just going to sit back and laugh when his 2017 is less than spectacular.
    Gary Russell Jr and Oscar Valdez would beat him at 126. Rigo would beat him, yes even at 126, Frampton wanted nothing to do with Rigo before.
    And Lomachenko would beat him. I actually hope Lomachenko can fight Frampton next year and we will see who was the 2016 FOTY.

    Frampton would duck all of those guys. In fact, he already avoided one of them like the plague.
    Frampton is a ducker and it's a shame that people are pushing for this guy to win FOTY.

  • Korran - 10 months ago

    I've been looking at several polls for who should win 2016 Fighter of the Year and Lomachenko is winning the majority of them.
    I agree with the polls. I feel like Loma made the most out of the year. People, including myself, had questions and he answered a good amount of them.

    Frampton was meh. I don't know why people were so impressed. He looked pretty bad in the second half of that Quigg fight. Why should he win FOTY if he barely just beat his opposition?

  • Jason - 10 months ago

    It's going to suck if they give The Ring Fighter of the Year, one of the most pretigious awards, to Frampton.
    First off, why is Quigg considered such a great win? What did Quigg do? What's his best win? He didn't even earn his title. They basically gave it to him.
    LSC is a good win but not a great one. I think there is at least 3 guys at 126 that would beat Leo much easier than Frampton did.
    Lets not forget that Quigg, Frampton, and LSC wanted nothing to do with Rigo. Whether you like Rigo or not they still ducked him and that's not right. I'm not a Rigo fan but it's embarrassing how these three guys avoided Rigo. And your telling me that Frampton should be rewarded for that?

    If we are going to go by who looked the most impressive and whose profile raised this year, it has to be Lomachenko. You can say what you want about Martinez but he's more accomplished and has better wins than Quigg. Lomachenko dominated Martinez and then brutally KO'd him, which earned a KO of the Year consideration; Frampton barely beat Quigg. Quigg isn't anything special and it will be proven.
    Who thought Loma was going to embarrass Walters like that? Maybe a few people.
    Why does Crawford get credit for beating a smaller Gamboa coming off an over a year layoff but Loma can't get credit for beating Walters coming off an 11 month layoff? The year Crawford beat Gamboa he won FOTY.
    Who is better Walters or LSC? If they were to fight my money would be on Walters easily beating Leo and stopping him. Hopefully they fight and it will prove me right.
    Comparison: Loma dominated Walters and made him quit, while Frampton won a close competitive fight against LSC.

    People are overrating Frampton's year. It wasn't nearly as impressive as people are trying to make it.
    Lomachenko is the most deserving FOTY.

    The other guys don't really deserve FOTY. Maybe a mention but their years weren't that great. Lets be honest.

  • TBE - 10 months ago

    Lomachenko is the deserving FOTY. He was the most dominant fighter. Beat two former or present champions (Ward and Crawford beat only one and they were not as impressive as Loma). Frampton beat two but both of his fights were close. Frampton also ducked Rigo and he shouldn't be rewarded for that.
    Pacquiao had a good year but I would still give it to Loma
    Chocolatito shouldn't even be in the conversation. Both of his fights were extremely competitive. And there is people that felt he lost to Cuadras.

    Loma scored a KO of the year contender and he dominated Walters and made him quit. Nobody thought he was going to beat those two the way he did.
    Give Loma his FOTY award. The man deserves it.
    Who had a better year than him. Loma will also make most of the award. I think Frampton will not look so great next year. Trust me.

  • Roger - 10 months ago

    Lomachenko May win due to his popularity. But Chocolatito had a better year getting his fourth crown in different divisions. Better yet his fights are more exciting than vasyl's "fights."

  • Коля Богуш - 10 months ago

    Brothers ! I think Lom.V. best ! Why not ?

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