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The Hatching: September 2017 Ideas (pick up to 2) (Poll Closed)

  • Social media marketing, email marketing, and photography for busy small business owners. We'll take social media off your to do list.

  • CitySays: an app that allows citizens to voice their needs for downtown & a regional network for business owners to see that market demand.

  • A restaurant and bar similar to Hooters where it's all male waitstaff with tight shirts and pants. It will specialize in wine and desserts.

  • A human computer interaction research and design innovation company.

  • App allowing customers to manage every aspect of eating at a restaurant on their phone(pay, order). Resturant would operate around this app.

  • A community center teaching life skills during day, concerts at night. A storefront selling handmade items.

  • College books are expensive. We want to create free open sourced textbooks available to anyone to use.

  • Allowing you to connect with Farmers, Artisan Producers, to Invest in the Everyday Entrepreneur.

  • I want to start a company to make and sell homemade cakes.

Posted 9 months.