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The Hatching: June 2017 Ideas (pick up to 2) (Poll Closed)

  • An app giving millennials who have nothing to do, something to do by creating itineraries based on the user's budget, interests & location

  • A mobile app with two screens, a map for destination selection and a social networking screen to send messages to drivers or other riders.

  • Social media marketing, email marketing, and photography for busy small business owners. We'll take social media off your to do list.

  • Scribe is a combination of two successful apps: SnapChat and Reddit. We believe that everyone has something to say. Therefore, we are creating an application for users to discuss topics from politics to football, relationships to fashion in a 12 seconds video.

  • A towel-like antimicrobial pillowcase that passively cleans oil, dirt, and bacteria from the face during sleep!

  • Grant Access is an underwear and sock subscription service.

  • CitySays: an app that allows citizens to voice their needs for downtown & a regional network for business owners to see that market demand.

  • The creative side will produce original comics, digital art, etc.The business side provides marketing services to external clients.

  • Backpack with a retractable pole and adjustable, foldable seat attachment allowing you to sit in multiple positions wherever you want.

  • Photo chromatic sticker that can be placed on the body/swimsuit that will indicate when it is time to reapply protective UV sunscreen.

  • Users can select drivers to haul, move items, or remove waste at a low rate. This is all done using the uber business model.

  • Chopr: Tech-driven lawncare company using seamless communication to offer fully customizable subscription mowing, enabling mass scalability

Posted 6 months.