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The Hatching: March 2017 Ideas (pick up to 2) (Poll Closed)

  • A phone app that auto-responds to anyone who texts you while driving with a custom message.

  • a eco-friendly food truck that serves Calzones and soup made with all natural, organic ingredients in/on vessels with a low external cost.

  • Barber2Beauty a online destination for professional barbers and stylists to showcase their work so clients can find and book appointments.

  • Create an app that facilitates a system for young people to start investing into their retirement. Main demographic is 18-35

  • ConnectedIn - Making LinkedIn useful through a Google Map for groups, and Companies and Universities can easily get data on where they go

  • Uber-like mobile based transportation app where users connect with owners of trucks/vans to help move large items fast with a small fee.

  • Simply talk, and the words will go through your headphones, and out your partner's while the music is slightly lowered in volume.

Posted 3 months.