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Should Lulu Gain Full Custody of Charlotte?

Posted 1 year.


  • Lisa Anderson - 9 months ago

    I find Nina to be the wrong person as Charlotte stepmother. What happen to her was horrible but seeing the way she is behaving with Lulu doing everything to keep her away from her child shows she knows nothing about being a mother. If Lulu is not right to be in Charlotte's life then why is Nina. She did induce a women labor then stole her child why wasn't that brought out in court? Shared custody is whats best for the child.

  • Lisa Anderson - 9 months ago

    I think she should have shared custody only because Lulu is a stranger to Charlotte but she should be given an opportunity to get to know Charlotte. Valentine has done so much damage to Lulu's credibility and her dislike for Valentine is making it easy for him to paint a negative picture of Lulu in Charlotte's eyes. I never heard of a Family Court Judge giving a mother who had no knowledge of a child an hour a week of Supervised visits!!! Such a horrible attempt at real life actions!!!

  • Patty - 9 months ago

    no way should Lulu have sole custody she wants to turn a child against her father and the child is well taken care of and loved by her father. Lulu is no saint herself.

  • Missy, - 9 months ago

    Reunite Charlotte w her biological mother Lulu & biological father Dante. Get rid of Valentin, now. Bef he does love to see what Valentin & Anna connection is.

  • Patricia - 10 months ago

    No, I really don't think she should have sole custody of Charlotte...For one thing she is treating her like an object...she thinks just because her eggs were used that she should have the product created by them.
    Charlotte does not like Lulu at all and I think Valentine might be many things but he is a good father...and Charlotte adores him and Nina..I don't like Lulu's attitude about the whole thing...

  • Pamela Koch - 11 months ago

    Considering the present story line, LuLu should get custody of her daughter. However, I am a little sick of her story line, and would like to see LuLu do something bad, LOL I do believe Nina needs to become a Mother, but not to Charlotte.

  • Marianne - 11 months ago

    I don't think Lulu should have custody. Mainly,because Dante will have a hard time dealing with the fact Charlotte's father is a Cassadine-not him. Nina would be a great Mom to Charlotte.

  • Maria - 1 year ago

    I believe Lulu should fight to get her daughter back cause she very well loves her daughter so much so yea she should fight to get full custody of charlotte.. All the power to Lulu I am rooting for her.

  • Sandy - 1 year ago

    Think about
    the child - she has been with her father, and he is a good father, it shoud be dual custody!

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