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Should We Allow Discussion of Steven Bomb 5 on ALL BCB Posts?

Posted 11 months.

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  • Guestmuch? - 10 months ago

    Might as well

    A) According to what we've heard, It was intentionally released early - Not wholly - The Crewniverse didn't totally plan for it. CN made a publicity stunt. It Officially "came out" on their product - and it officially counted. - Yes. It was later removed by CN - But it was either 1) always planned to be removed after a short time or 2) cause of Crewniverse

    B) Everyone else is. Yea. It's Spoilers... But its not a leak. CN Did this themselves, and intended to do it. Yes. as I said. It has been taken down since, but that was part of the intention. Matt Burnett also said how it was a mistake but if you saw it on the CN, enjoy. - If you weren't going to or couldn't watch it when it premieres anyway, how you watch it now shouldn't matter, either.

    Just every post that does involve them, go ahead and keep it tagged spoilers just like all the reviewers and reactors are doing - Especially if the video or post you're covering says "WARNING SPOILERS" in the first 10 seconds. - and encourage people to keep in mind to watch it on the tube when it airs, or this could have more negative feedback than positive feedback to the show.

    What CN did was tried to get people who weren't watching Steven interested in watching Steven. This huge arc full of suuuuuuuppeeeerrrr attention grabbing and heart-twisting moments was one of the perfect tools for that. - It was set up soooooo perfectly, to make you WANT to see what happens next, You're dying to.
    Not everyone watches things online, nor knows about them, and they'll maybe see one or two of the episodes on the app or site - and then want more, but by the time they get to see more- it could be down.

    Well now they're curious.
    Now they're interested.
    Now they want to watch Steven Universe to see what they were missing, and figure out what happened after that.
    and they're going to have to watch it the next time it premieres to do that.

    So hopefully - a bunch of new viewers will tune in.
    But if a bunch of old viewers don't tune in. - Then it'll have all been for naught.

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