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When did you last earn a significant promotion or leave for a better job? (Poll Closed)

  • Within the past year
    131 votes

  • 1-2 years ago
    89 votes

  • 3-5 years ago
    131 votes

  • More than five years ago
    151 votes


Posted 11 months.


  • Frank Poggio - 10 months ago

    About 15 yrs ago when I started my own consulting firm. My advice is if you want a REAL promotion where you can do what is important to you and get paid for it, with any title you want is - do your own thing.
    Can be risky,takes some thought and planning, but really its the last promotion you'll ever need. If you don't believe me ask Mr. H, bet he's not looking for a 'promotion'....

  • Desperado - 10 months ago

    Received a job promotion last week after 2 years with the company. In a sales position promotions/raises are straightforward...If you consistently produce you will not only keep your job, but likely climb the ladder.

    Thankful for all of the bad salespeople....You make it easier for the rest of us.

  • Paragon(e) - 10 months ago

    One of the Paragon(ers) whose job to be off-shored 3/31. Got the hell out and am living life again in a culture that is not toxic to my very existence.

  • J3 - 10 months ago

    Another competitive acquisition job casualty, even on the fringes of healthcare (business intelligence). Fortunate to land with a rising PR firm. Noticing a rise in friends landing remote-work positions in start-ups, agencies, etc.

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