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Make your pre-game pick: Lions or Seahawks?

Posted 11 months.


  • E Tian - 10 months ago

    Sorry Micheal GO HAWKS!!

  • K K - 10 months ago


  • Kevin L. Broehm - 10 months ago

    To anyone that wants to respond to my comment, please feel free to disagree or agree?! Love to hear from any or all NFL fans especially from those good ol Cowboy fans across America or those in that GREAT STATE OF TEXAS. Mind you Cowboy fans I'm not trying to anger anyone who is a devote Cowboys fan. Dallas does have a great team as well as a great coach in Jason Garret. Being from Albuquerque, NM even through I,m only about 450 miles from Denver, CO even the Denver Broncos couldn't make a post season encore which I was disappointed in. yet my former state that I used to live ( which was Wisconsin) and being raised a Packers fan I still don't give Green Bay a chance to beat Eli Manning and company as they will walk in Lambeau field and walk out tomorrow nights game with the W. Eli Manning and the G-men own Green Bay in the post season especially when they play at Lambeau field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Ireally hate to say this ,but my most hated team the cheat wads of the NFL team New England Patriots will win it in Super Bowl 51 God I sure as heck hope I'm dead wrong. Well let's just say wrong (lol). Kevin L. Broehm

  • Kevin L. Broehm - 10 months ago

    Go Lions and good luck in Dallas. With that said the Green Bay Packers have a hell of a better chance of defeating at Atlanta, even through we only lost to Atlanta back this past season by one, as opposed to if the Green Bay Packer traveling to Dallas, which back this past season Dallas literally give the Green Bay Packers got one hell of a royal betting by those Cowboys at Lambeau Field by fourteen points. All in all, I truly believe as I'm writing this comment while watching the Seahawk Lions game by the way I see it for next weeks Divisional playoff games it will be the New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons ultimately making the G-men them NFC champions the following week since they (the G-men) beat the Cowboys twice this past season. NFL fans everywhere across the USA, trust and believe in my comment, the handwriting is on the wall. Sorrie Cowboys fans that live in the Dallas area as well as all the die hard Cowboy fans across America. Kevin Albuquerque, NM

  • Michael Brace - 10 months ago

    Go lions

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