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Will the 'Trump' Stock Market Rally Continue Through 2017?

Posted 1 year.


  • sex shop sp - 1 year ago

    very sad!

  • penis de borracha - 1 year ago

    The market never be the same after Trump!

  • Wellington - 1 year ago

    Yes, I belive that rally will go until thye end of the year!

  • fachadas em acm - 1 year ago

    I really don't know!

  • Kingfish - 1 year ago

    with everyone and their "redheaded stepsister" calling for a major correction or "crash" this market will just keep grinding higher with minor hiccups on the way. Jobs & more trade business coming back to US as well as major infrastructure enhancements sez America will be back major world leader by mid 2018.

  • dgomez - 1 year ago

    I hope that I am wrong, but I think the market will crash on JUNE.
    Buffet´s thought:
    1. I buy Apple,
    2. people hear I bought Apple,
    3. we love iphones and macs so we also buy Apple shares, what can go wrong?
    4. market stock plunges,
    5. Buffet doubling down on a overselled stock
    6. When market start raising again we have an overweight stock that we bought when Buffet did,
    7 while Mr Buffet´s shares are at the right price.

    The moral is clear: great investors always seem to stay one step ahead.

  • Joe Blow - 1 year ago

    From one lady saying Obama is a muslim, to some guy talking about Malaria vaccines. This poll and it's comments are clearly being generated by paid commenters or "dezinformatsiya" trolls.

    On a real note, this market is overvalued by miles. There is no growth to support these valuations. When Warren Buffett tells you to buy, you should sell. Why, because he know he can manipulate growth and will likely cash out once it becomes unsustainable. I give it 3 months before we see an adjustment, if it continues beyond that we will see another massive crash.

  • ASS EATER 5000 - 1 year ago



  • John Snyder - 1 year ago

    The money is in with little to spend now, after such a rush, perhaps? Look for a pull back in correction, then perhaps a move up again, into next year? Perhaps?

  • Natalie I Giroux - 1 year ago

    I think Donald Trump has already done more good than Obama did harm in all the years he was in command.
    Obama is the one who tore down the US of A deliberately and with forethought. He is a Muslim, raised and practising, believes in mohammed and he was determined to do all he harm he could to bring down a great country and prepare it for destruction. The Islamic bible,(the quran )states that muslims (faithful, practising) must "kill the infidel", which is clearly written in their book of practical religion. This has been true thoughout
    history and is no LESS true now. Children of the Islamic faithful are taught hate with mothers' milk. I have some very good friends who were raised in Iran under the Islamic faith, which they are forced to study and adhere to. Now immigrated from Iran, no longer practice nor adhere to the god of allah, and have nothing good to say of Islamic practice of jihad, I question why the Islamic faith must before forced upon people. If it was good and allah a real god, they would Not have to force people to accept this faith. I feel sorry for these people, that they do not know love, happiness, joy of life, but only hate, anger and killing of anyone who does not follow their allah. If this was a good, loving, and based on truth faith, people would accept love without being forced.

  • Bruce Saltzman - 1 year ago

    An initial trial of a malaria vaccine using chemically weakened cells from the parasite which is transmitted by mosquitoes has given volunteers 100% protection against the disease, if given at a high dose.
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    More from IBTimes UK
    Malaria vaccine created from GM mosquitoes passes first human trial with strong results
    Patients who resist malaria infection boost hopes of finding new treatments
    Experimental malaria vaccine triggers long-term immune response in mice
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    Several candidates for a malaria vaccine being trialled. The RTS,S/ASO1 vaccine is the most advanced at present, says the World Health OrganizationTONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images
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  • William Wilhite - 1 year ago

    Possible black swans to wreck the market:
    Ukraine conflict escalates
    China builds a base on Scarborough Shoal
    China and Japan have a military encounter
    China yuan depreciates rapidily and deeply vs the dollar
    economy declines with social unrest
    Le Pen wins in France, leading to Frexit
    Euro collapses
    Fed rate hikes destroy the housing market
    inflation reduces actual spending due to lagging wages
    Trump administration collapses, leading to HUGE political turmoil
    North Korea launches an ICBM capable of striking the USA and then declares that to be its goal
    the rest of the USA hopes that North Korea does indeed hit California
    thus 2 birds with one stone

  • TERRY SMITH - 1 year ago

    unseen geopolitical events in mideast could seriously effect an already overpriced, and overconfident market..

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