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Have You Ever Ponified Your Words in Real Life?

Posted 8 months.


  • Zidders Roofurry - 8 months ago

    I went with 'everypony every time' because there was no, "When I feel it's appropriate" or "When I'm talking to fellow bronies" options. I mean really?

  • Chris 'Kraden' McKenna - 8 months ago

    I once dropped a 'everypony' live on air with our podcast.

  • Loganberry - 8 months ago

    I went with "Other", because my answer is the same as Kanashio and TexasUberAlles: it depends *entirely* on *who* I'm talking to. At a ponymeet, absolutely I do. At the supermarket, no.

  • Kanashio - 8 months ago

    Only when my audience includes at least one other Brony

  • PhedoraPhysicist - 8 months ago

    While I've never said "everypony" irl, I always have to stop myself from doing so; I've had some close calls.

  • Agus - 8 months ago

    Only a few times, when i'm with my bf i often say brohoof instead of the normal brofist haha

  • redheadbros - 8 months ago

    It was actually kind of embarrassing- I was talking about some king Arthur stuff with some friends and accidentally called "Camelot" "Canterlot." I didn't even notice when I did it. Just sort of happened. And then someone called me out on it. And I had no explanation.

  • Rita Repulsa - 8 months ago

    I accidently call Manhatten by Manehatten almost constantly

  • MrOmg - 8 months ago

    Oh, for Celestia's sake! Please consider a middleground option. Sure I like doing it but not every time.

  • TexasUberAlles - 8 months ago

    Poll is woefully incomplete without an "only when talking to other Pony fans" option.

  • Misscellanio - 8 months ago

    When I went to New York I kept calling Manhattan, Manehattan. Manhattan still sounds weird to me XD
    I use everypony/anypony on forums, twitter, etc. The only time I use it in person is with other bronies.
    I say "what in the hay" sometimes.
    I do say "oh my celestia" or "sweet celestia" sometimes. I said "Great Wikkering Stallions" a few times.

  • Frith - 8 months ago

    There lacks a middle ground between "alone" and "every time". For instance, 'Yes, when I feel like it."

  • LapnLook - 8 months ago

    I still keep mixing up Manhattan and Manehattan. Thankfully I can just quickly blame it on my foreign accent :D

  • tomkub91pheatz - 8 months ago

    I guess that those who picked "Yes! Everypony is Everypony Every Time!" only do it with bronies, ether ways it would be kind of cringy, any thoughts?

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