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Have you ever been bothered by street dogs in Mexico?

Posted 11 months.


  • David - 11 months ago

    I am bothered by street dogs, but not because of the dogs themselves. Some of the dogs have owners, but they leave the dogs outside and the owners don't take care of them. Yes, the dogs should be sterilized. People put their animals on the roof and in small patios to bark and "protect".
    There is a lot of vicious cruelty to animals by sadistic people who film their acts and post on FaceBook: like boiling dogs alive and putting fire crackers in a cats mouth to explode. This behavior is barbarous and some Mexicans (see Change. org) are trying to pass a law against animal cruelty. I hope they do. The caveat is that there are lots of well intentioned laws and nobody or power to enforce them there is "no there, there"

  • Athea Marcos Amir - 11 months ago

    I cannot walk freely in my neighborhood because of the number of dogs running loose. I am deathly afraid of animals and regret that dogs in Mexico are allowed to run free. It's one of the few spoilers for me living here.

  • A. Blais - 11 months ago

    I dont own a dog, i find the Mexican dogs very independent, most of them go about their way to find food or simply lay on side walks or run one after an other either to play or to protect their territory. but what disturb me is the continuous barking when the darkness sets in., basically the barking is more intense in certain areas than others.
    Sure the contraceptive is a good idea.

  • Kristin Olsen - 11 months ago

    I remember very well being chased at night by the same dogs that were docile in the day in Michoacan. Here in Chiapas, we've seen packs get in to huge squabbles or take down one dog but only at night. They seem to have two shifts: sleep and beg (day), scavenge, fight, and hunt down the weak and sick (night). I actually love their complex culture and their interesting characters. Street dogs navigate traffic in the most amazing manner and will eat almost anything. They are incredible but I never want to meet a pack at night again.

  • Gillian - 11 months ago

    I am not bothered by street dogs as such -they are usually gentle and unobtrusive. However, I have two dogs of my own and I don't like them mixing with the poor street dogs who may have diseases and are unspayed and not neutered. I see the bad treatment of domestic animals as a serious problem and I am supportive of the idea of oral contraceptives. I have supported the spay and neuter clinics for years. Every dog should have a home and a dry place to sleep and a decent meal every day. I do what I can, but Mexico needs to get serious about birth control for dogs and cats. The misery of sick hungry dogs does bother me.

  • Shoshanah Naiman - 11 months ago

    I have never been bothered by a street dog. They are very gentle and well behaved. I am very bothered when I see a dog who is starving or otherwise not cared for. I have also been extremely bothered by the disappearance of the dogs in our I have read almost every book on the list. I hadn't thought about it before, but I am sure these books shaped my values and world view. plaza in Ajijic. What has happened to these sweet dogs?

  • David Ballard - 11 months ago

    Americans already have to have a $25 visa........your publication is liars for the should be ashamed of your self deception.

  • Gary - 11 months ago

    Theres a lot of strays in this area but like the above poster said, they are too busy looking for food. Ive never been really bothered by them. If you ignore them they will usually ignore you.

  • Kt - 11 months ago

    define "bothered"

  • Amber - 11 months ago

    My gentle, leashed dog was attacked & biten twice on her leg by a charging pitbull who somehow got out of a gated yard. Unprovoked & no time to intervene or stop him.

  • B.Murphy=Bridge - 11 months ago

    Be helpful to define the word " bothered" : I see see mangy, malnourished dogs and puppies and that bothers me. It bothers me that Mexicans in our area do not look after their animals more humanely.

    But rarely do the dogs on the streets here in Baja California Norte bother humans; they are too busy foraging for food because they are starving.

  • Frank Graves - 11 months ago

    It's funny ........ the street dogs get along with every one .........they group out side the butcher shop and wait for scraps ..... IT'S THE GRINGO DOGS ON LEACHES THAT ARE SCARY AND START FIGHTS !

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