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G.O.A.T.: Who is No. 1 in Harper Creek girls basketball history? (Poll Closed)

  • Kate Hemker - Class of 1996
    209 votes

  • Tara Plaunt - Class of 2003
    103 votes

  • Laurie Smith - Class of 1975
    620 votes

  • Amy Sackrider - Class of 1981
    58 votes

  • Breanna Birmingham - Class of 2011
    70 votes

  • Other
    25 votes


Posted 8 months.


  • Toni Porter - 8 months ago

    A team leader then and now!

  • Toni Porter - 8 months ago

    A team leader then and now!

  • Kim Sheets - 8 months ago

    Good Luck!!

  • Dennis Sheets - 8 months ago

    She certainly had a gift. She is one of the best and very humble about it!

  • Londell Smith - 8 months ago

    Although each nominee deserves recognition, there's something to be said about being the FIRST superstar. Laurie set the standard (the bar) for excellence, which continues to serve as motivation for others. Congratulations ladies, but this honor belongs to Laurie!

  • Jenni - 8 months ago

    Good Luck

    Jenni G

  • Mary Graese - 8 months ago

    I've never had the pleasure to witness this outstanding player on the court but she had to also be the best sportsman on the floor too!!! She's a great friend and person to know. Your like will be forever blessed!

  • Bud Smith - 8 months ago

    I watched Laurie Smith play and she was something special. She was soo fluid with uncanny court presence. She seemed to know where people would be before they would be there which led to unbelievable passing assists every game and the creation of tons of turnovers for the opposing teams. As far as shooting, she was unstoppable. If you played her too close and fouled her, it was practically an automatic 2 points. She held and probably still does own the record for free throw percentage for both boys and girls basketball. If you gave her the least bit of an opening, you could count it as well. She had an exceptionally high field goal percentage, especially when you consider that most of her shots were from the perimeter. Definitely one of the best players I've ever had the pleasure to watch.

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