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Would you buy a new Apple TV if the only change was 4K support?

Posted 2 years.


  • Erik - 2 years ago

    I don't have a 4K TV so there is no need. Iam good with the ATV 4 that I have on the 1080p TV that I have downstairs and the ATV 3 that I have in the bedroom.

  • Matt - 2 years ago


    I agree with the hardware support you’ve listed. To me, 4k will come as it will to my next TV purchase, but for now I need the optical audio out for my legacy audio system. The other items e.g. upscaling, HDMI 2.0, and faster processor would be nice to haves.

    While we’re on topic of HDMI, does anyone else wish for a better connector than the current piece-of-poop? Mine stick out too far from back of the device, don’t stay in place well, and always seem to have the connector wrong side up/down in the dark trying to reconnect into the crappy input.

  • Jaime - 2 years ago


    1) Optical audio output (for legacy audio investments)
    2) Video output via HDMI 2.0a (for high bandwidth video, ie. HDR)
    3) A fast processor (A10x?) for gaming and lag-free interface
    4) Excellent quality upscaling for content at resolutions lower than 4k (because there's a ton of it available and already owned by users)

    Ideally the I/O won't be a limiting factor in a few years that pushes one along an early upgrade path. Then again, under the modern Apple this seems to be a key part of their business plan.

  • Jon Grant - 2 years ago

    The options are bad, here. You need to differentiate on people who actually have a 4k TV. I have a 4k TV and the current Apple TV and will gladly upgrade if the only new feature is 4k. I suspect most of the "No" voters here probably don't have a 4k TV to make it worth the upgrade.

  • Jan - 2 years ago

    I'm done with AppleTV. Had both 1st and 2nd gen. Now using an LG 4K smart TV that has all the apps that I need. Including Amazon video. Happy to have one less box and cables. Apple should have licensed their OS long time ago to the TV manufacturers, since they never got into the display business themselves. Game over. Moved on.

  • David - 2 years ago

    Who watches TV any longer ????
    This is so passé !

  • aaron - 2 years ago

    Apple TV should become a proper console, with the best A processor loaded with more RAM, more ROM and better cooling.

    It also needs a full iOS integration, not just a TV OS version of iOS with closed UI.

    For instance, I would not mind paying 250/299 USD for an Apple TV with A10X, 4GB RAM, 64/128GB Storage, 2 USB-c ports and a control pad.

    It would be more powerful than a Switch & the nvidia shield.

    Release the best you got every two years instead of 1 year old tech from previous iPad/iPhone generations.

  • TedAppleseedLiu - 2 years ago

    I chose "other" because I think 4K in the future is important for me and I think I will own a 4K TV no more than 3~4 years later. If the Apple TV will update with 4K support only without another new feature I will not buy it. If so, I'll wait for the 6th gen or further. I'm currently have a 4th gen Apple TV.

  • Wilkie - 2 years ago

    I don’t care for 4K really, but if they add it in it should have other upgrades too… I care about Bluetooth features options, such as using a trackpad with the Apple TV. Can we connect a webcam on the device to use for FaceTime calling and video? This would be awesome device for webcam conferencing for the corporate world

  • Mike McGuire - 2 years ago

    Able to support Dolby Atmos and DTS-X is more important to me than 4k. Still, I need an Apple TV that supports 4K so I can see the videos shot with my iPhone 7+.

  • Rob - 2 years ago

    4K ruins the past 100 years of existing television programming by trying to upscale, makes it look terrible. Think about it, in another 100 years, that existing programming will still account for 50% of what's available. Waste of time and money. 1080p is sufficient for watching content at home. If I want to see something look even crisper then I'll go and see it in the flesh or at the cinema. It's all a carrot on a stick to keep us spending anyway.

  • Zach - 2 years ago

    I would pick one up. Only because I'd keep my 1080p 4th gen and just move that to somewhere I currently have a 3rd gen. Otherwise 4K isn't a huge deal for me yet.

  • Austin - 2 years ago

    I don't own a 4K TV to justify and update just for that. Other features however would prompt an update. Technology isn't an investment, it is wise to upgrade as soon as possible for the best returns. I still have a 2nd gen ATV, good luck selling that.

  • Eloise - 2 years ago

    Not bothered about 4K at the current time, but support for HD audio formats (Dolby True HD and DTS-HD MA) would draw me to a "new" Apple TV.

  • Logan Setty - 2 years ago

    Although I just bought the new one this Christmas, my tv is a 4K Ultra HD Curved, so I would like the better picture quality. Even tho I barely notice a difference between my 4K things and apple tv

  • KeefiM - 2 years ago

    4K is good but Apple's really must up its game for ATV users in the U.K. The free & streaming content and compatibility is poor.

  • Goodsev - 2 years ago

    4K is good but it will still be missing 50% of the worthwhile 4k streaming content if they don't get Amazon Prime streaming on the thing. So yes, but make sure it gets the content providers on board to mKe it useful. I like my Samsung ks8500 and would enjoy not having to switch to the Tizen apps on the tv itself to watch 4k content. The Apple TV software is nicer and the apps are more reliable overall.

  • John ford - 2 years ago

    Need not only 4K. But atmos and hdr

    Also leverage your ownership or knowledge of codecs and push the quality of the video stream. Some of the others are pretty bad. And yes I do agree with one of the others. It would be nice if you and amazon declared a truce.

  • Preston V - 2 years ago

    Don't need it! 1080p is perfect for me! Don't see what's the point to 4K! Not in the market to buy a new tv in years!

  • Troy - 2 years ago

    A usb input would be nice, maybe apple can make a better interface in terms of using a browser and bluetooth keyboard, something to make your tv easy to use as an alternate to laptop or tablet. Inhave the new roku 4k and it is fast and easy to use, still like the apple tv better though all around, just need the usb input and ability to recognize large drives.

  • Kazie - 2 years ago

    Unless Amazon Prime Video comes to Apple TV, I will not switch from a Roku Stick. And I don't need 4K. A 1080p projector is enough.

  • Bruce Smith - 2 years ago

    Really? Most don't care about 4k?! Come on - you may as well sit watching your VHS tapes. I love Apple and I want Apple to be the leader in innovation; I have a lovely new 4k TV and can't even use Apple TV to let it shine. Why?? Anyone with any foresight realises that the pathway from the beginning of TV / film is heading towards watching and seeing things as they were produced - or as they were seen by the eyes of the director / creator; not a watered down version. Apple boast 4k and 5k screens but continue to pump out a max of 1080p for video content via Apple TV - lagging behind the competition. Yes I can use Roku or Shield TV - but why should I? I want 4k. I want it to sit in my Apple ecosystem. I want it to just work. ;-)

  • Riley - 2 years ago

    I think that they should just put tvOS on other companies TV's (At least LG's), then I would definitely buy one. Having a Roku built into my current TV is very easy to use, and nice to hit home and have everything boot up into one place.

  • John S - 2 years ago

    As the owner of a 4K TV, unless Apple is going to offer 4K content through iTunes they really shouldn't bother with a new model. Most 4K capable smart TVs already have Netflix and Amazon apps installed where the main source of streamable 4K content exists.

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