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  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Hitman The Complete First Season

Posted 11 months.


  • electoblaze - 10 months ago

    Well it looks like Hitman won. Great job guys! I know what I'll be playing this weekend!

  • Edward - 10 months ago


  • Pringo - 10 months ago


  • electoblaze - 10 months ago

    I like how @theneoreaper calls me a "failure as a gamer" for voting Hitman yet I have 34 platinum trophies and he has zero. There are gamers, and then there are little kids who buy dragon balls.

  • Bruno - 10 months ago

    Hitman, for sure

  • Wolf-Moo - 10 months ago

    Obviously DB Xenoverse 2
    Hitman is not really my thing

  • Eko - 10 months ago

    But is Hitman really worth it at $30? I feel I'd get it if it was $20.

    Everyone played the game by now, it doesnt feel HOT anymore, well this is where Episodic models fail.

  • ayham - 10 months ago

    Of course HITMANNN

  • TheNeoReaper - 10 months ago

    If you voted for hitman you failed as a gamer.

  • Bobo479 - 10 months ago

    Lets go Hitman! Yeah!

  • ashtobro - 10 months ago

    this is one of the most 50/50 aggressive comment sections i have ever seen, honestly, i'd be fine with either, i have dbxv 2 but if it goes on sale, some of my friends can get it easier, but i've never played hitman, but if its on sale, i might

  • electoblaze - 10 months ago

    The complete first season of Hitman for $30 is a STEAL. Besides, I didn't enjoy the first DBZ Xenoverse.

  • The truth - 10 months ago

    Of course Hitman, was DBX even an option?

  • Daniel - 10 months ago

    DragonBall XV2 of course. What kind of dork plays any Hitman that's not Bloodmoney?
    The best Hitman is already out there guys, for super cheap! You're just doing yourselves a disservice.

  • Wakatsik - 10 months ago

    DBZ all the way...hitman is a one time game unlike DBZ that has more reply value

  • Tyler - 10 months ago

    Xenoverse 2!! I lost my copy of it so hearing that it might go on sale is great news!! Gotta win this DBZ!!!

  • Fabio Jr. Gross - 10 months ago

    Who still cares for DB? Hitman for sure.

  • Amos - 10 months ago

    Eww no one wants hitman dragon ball all the way

  • Juan - 10 months ago

    Hitman! I just recently started playing Absolution again, and I want to get into the new experience so bad.

  • TrueAssassin86x - 10 months ago

    Hitman at 50% > an overrated kids game

  • Dan - 10 months ago

    Hitmaaaaan!!! Ive been waiting for the whole season to come up on sale for a while!

  • Marco - 10 months ago


  • Jean - 10 months ago

    Hitman, Hitman, win :D the best game.

  • Brock Beashore - 10 months ago

    DBX2 all the way baby.

  • Danny - 10 months ago

    DBZ Xenoverse 2! Is this even a debate?

    One game is excellent and running at a smooth 60fps with a multiplayer component and the other is... well not

  • Timothy Malouff - 10 months ago

    I voted DBZ as during Black Friday it as $25 @ Wal-Mart for a retail copy and I have yet to see the digital PSN copy go on sale.

  • Arsenio Darden - 10 months ago

    I voted DBZ it been a while since they never mad one for the new gens

  • Daniel Villarreal - 10 months ago

    Hitman, more like Shitman! Ohohoho

  • drd7of14 - 10 months ago

    Yeah, gotta go with Hitman. Though I'd love to checkout Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, I feel like

    A. DBZ games come often, and thus the prices drop frequently when new titles come out.

    B. The sale is kinda weak compared to Hitman. This isn't a bad DBZ game, but Hitman has been reviewed rather well, and is arguably superior, if it is your thing. When it comes down to it, 50% for a game of superior quality/polish vs. 33% for a decent game isn't exactly fair.

    To me, the choice is obvious. It would only be the reverse if you were a super DBZ fan, didn't really care for Hitman, or already own it.

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