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Do you believe switching to ECM-connected e-logs for hours would negatively or positively impact your business income?

Posted 1 year.


  • Betty Hunter - 8 months ago

    I agree with all the post on here. I have driven for 6 companies that ran some type of computer on thier equipment and ALL have governed trucks and they have IMPOSSIBLE pick up and delivery times that the driver has to make.
    The shippers and recievers DO TAKE THEIR TIME getting the product on and off the trailors.
    I am an EX HEAD SHIPPER&RECIEVER and i NEVER made the drivers wait.
    Instead b of ATTACKING the MOST IMPORTANT part of recieving the products that AMERICA WANTS AND NEEDS the government needs to be attacking the H O S RULES .
    Please dont get me wrong im fixing to buy a truck and park it til i get it setup the way I WANT IT.
    I have 17 years in the trucking industry and i currently took a local hourly paying job and i will keep that job while the transition of the 98 pete i am buying gets setup.
    I will put a VETERAN DRIVER behind the wheel of that pete and i will CHARGE $200 per every 1/2 hour that truck sits in a dock and just for the record that will be stated in the contract that is verbally or written .
    So GET OFF YOUR DUFF'S in the government and do away with the ELD MANDATE NOT JUST DELAY IT BUT REPEAL IT

  • Socalmnstr - 1 year ago

    The Brokers and Trucking companies are the only ones making most the percentage of money, Laws should be put in place that would force the Brokers & Trucking companies, Shipper's & Receivers responsible for all detention time or waiting time, plus layover pay Then iif they had to pay us, I bet we would have plenty of HOS then I bet they would get us in and out or get us loads to keep us moving, We are the only American profession that does not get paid for all hours we work...... But No One Gives A crap about us or our time......

  • John Caracci - 1 year ago

    Those who saw no impact, may very well be leased to a company. Had a buddy tell me, $215 per month for the machine..Too expensive. It will cost me loads, then I have to buy the machine and pay a subscription. I am one truck why do I need to subscribe to anything? Just taking more money out of our pockets. I run mostly trips that can be competed in my 11 hours of driving, out and back.. But with more congestion, parking will be worse. More 4 wheelers running into the truck trailers on the side of the road..The feds are missing on this. If SWIFT wants elogs then use them cause they want speed Limiters and use those also..It's is a mess out there on these highways.

  • Dan Felchlia. Snr truckin Inc. - 1 year ago

    I'm an independent,and not a lease purchase either, and Dam proud of it,been sitting behind the wheel of a truck for 31+years been on paper logs the whole time,never had any issues or problem using them.But when the federal government stepped into the truckin picture with all of their rules,regs and mandates,the way of life as we know it and love it,is not the same.I'm sure there are a lot of other seasoned drivers out there that feels the same way I do.the gov.needs to let's us as drivers determine the safety factor we are the ones responsible and in charge behind the wheel and being held accountable,were not sitting behind a desk.It's just typical of the gov.,everything they get involved in,they pretty much screw up,and that's what they're doing to the trucking industry.If they FORCE FEED THE ELD'S down our throats,they're not only going to screw up the industry more,than what is already is,trucking is going to LOOSE A LOT OF VERY VALUABLE, EXPERIENCE WELL SEASONED DRIVERS THAT HAS HELPED SHAPED THE INDUSTRY,WERE NOT GOING TO TOLERATE IT.........LET US DO WHAT WE DO BEST ........"TRUCKIN"........LET THE PRO'S HANDLE IT. KEEP THE GOV.OUT

  • Andre Farmer - 1 year ago

    Its more of the big carriers that are having the accidents out here on the road bc they are rushing trying not to run out of time and they are on ELD's. ELD's doesnt make anything safe out here. Its not the Hours of Service, it just depend on what type of driver you have behind the wheel. If he or she are a safe driver or not. VERY few paper log drivers have accident. GET THAT ELD OUT OF HERE!

  • wendy pett - 1 year ago

    We have switched to Elds not only has the cost hurt us but losing 1 to 2 loads a week certainly has.
    When shippers and receivers detain a driver on a multi stop load there is no way to make it on time with elogs. The 14 hour rule needs to be changed in order for small carriers and owner ops to have a chance to stay in business

  • Calvin Hicks - 1 year ago

    ELD is pretty much GREAT for these NEW drivers. Not much trust in their skill levels. Been at this since the early 80's. Manage my time! But, with these guys on cell phones, sitting on shoulders etc. I feel a bit safe, having these drivers shutting down, per this ELD.

  • Michael Thane - 1 year ago

    This poll is flawed. I am guessing that most of those operators using E-logs that claim they saw no financial impact are comapny drivers and were already running E-logs the moment they were hired. Also, a lot of these regional drivers are "salary" now, so of course they will see no change in income.

  • Steve Betts - 1 year ago

    When this was put into place it was for safety reasons, well where are the studies on comparing how many trucks with ELDs to trucks without in crashes reported? Havent seen anything on that yet. They need to deal with shippers and receivers who do not give a hoot how long they keep you at the dock forcing the driver to travel at high rates of speed to make up time. When the mandate goes into effect it is going to hurt me financially big time if they do not change HOS. Besides the extra cost to put ELD in truck and monthly fees to be monitored by some company you do not know. What about safety on be hacked? It can happen. I do not see safety in this mandate just certain companies making big money off the backs of truckers.

  • John bair - 1 year ago

    All this BULLSHIT is are own fault. We should've shut these damn trucks down a long time ago. I know I'm not speaking for myself but I can't stand someone telling me what to do OR how to do it. The government and the people standing with them can kiss my ASS.

  • Robert Dunlap - 1 year ago

    If u live load n sit somewhere for 2 hours then spend 2 hours loading. U cannot stop to eat use bathroom r anything else. Ain't no machine. Just human that can get tired n want a break once n a while. Be unsafe. And go broke

  • Gregory Daniels - 1 year ago

    And drivers ARE forced to drive tired or lose time because the clock don't stop, unless you take a 8hr sleeper first. should be able to take a 2hr nape and it stop the clock first if need. if we had a 10hr break earlier.

  • Gregory Daniels - 1 year ago

    I run e-logs now and I lose a lot of time. Honestly I speed more to get the miles in that can in before I hit the 14 hr clock. Short haul loads kill you on miles. If running in medwest on open road is the only time I hit 11hr clock before 14. But still pushing it because of the time clock. Get rid of the time limits. Put it like it was when we had 10/8 but 14/10

  • Rulon Fowers - 1 year ago

    Wait until you try hauling livestock with Electronic logs. Disaster waiting to happen. Does anyone care about animal welfare?

  • Eddie Bryant - 1 year ago

    Shippers,Dispatch, have got to do a better job in keeping waiting time down

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