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Would you support the Vikings drafting Mixon?

Posted 11 months.


  • Pat McGroin - 10 months ago

    Girl wasn't his girlfriend or anybody he even knew - she called him over hit him and slapped him in the face twice - I'm not sure why - he could have deserved it- he shouldn't have done what he did but he's not a kid that goes around beating his girlfriends like ray rice - only incident he's had getting into trouble - probably could give the guy a second chance

  • Mike - 10 months ago

    The NFL should have a Zero tolerance policy. All these felons and rapist should not be the ones making millions and millions of dollars to play a mere 16 games a year. Can't even stand for our nation's anthem. The NFL is a joke and gets most of their ratings through fantasy football. Should be called National Felony League. Don't draft Mixon. Get an O line then any RB can run rampant.

  • Ken Tomlin - 10 months ago

    While, I have no problem with the Vikings drafting Mixon. Our needs along the O-line make drafting him any earlier than the 4th round, not the best use of our picks. With the quality of depth at RB this year, we could get a very good one in the later rounds while still being able to address our more important needs first.

  • Jonathon D Walker - 10 months ago

    I would pick him with the 48th pick because he did better than mostly all of the running backs at the combine. Plus he was a child when he made that mistake and he clearly owns up to his mistakeson which shows me that he has matured from the time he made that mistake to now. How can you let a talent that good go by because of what he did 3 years ago? He would be a great successor to AP for years after he is gone. We need to sign 2 good offensive lineman in FA then draft some prospects in the 3rd or 4th round and we can continue to build around that

  • Nehemiah flowers - 10 months ago

    I do believe in forgiveness what he done was truly not manly but at the time he was not a man he was a boy and asking for forgiveness is sufficient he seems to be regretful. And as for given her money there is no need for that because know one knows what went on. Just know that after this you are a light for others.

  • Scott Nicola - 10 months ago

    I don't believe what he did is right. At all! But I also know Mixon has been punished by the law. Served 100 hours of community service, removed from the team for the 2014 season, and know he will miss out of millions of dollars from the NFL. He was a young kids when this mistake happened. All people deserve a second chance. Whyou not the Vikings?

  • Matthew Laiacone - 10 months ago

    Must get some OL in free Agency, 2 maybe 3 Offensive lineman first. Then this pick would make sence, Yes ! I know he did wrong, he knows he did wrong, forgiving him needs to happen. He Deserves another chance to grow and play football. And what he makes as a pro , throw that lady a couple of bucks for forgiveness !!! Show your sorry !!!! Dont just say it, Show it. Scrappy!!!!!!

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