Steve Canyon On DVD The Steve Canyon NBC live-action TV series from 1958 is coming to DVD in late 2008 in an official release from the Estate of Milton Caniff (creator-artist-writer of the "Steve Canyon" and before that the "Terry and the Pirates" newspaper comic strips). Get latest news and learn more about the restoration of this show that has not been seen in nearly 50 years. Official blog!

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Vote for Your Favorite Steve Canyon Volume #1 DVD Cover - Voting Ends 10/12/08 (Poll Closed)

  • Style #1 - White & Blue Logo
    20 votes

  • Style #2 - Red & Blue Logo
    44 votes

  • Style #3 - Yellow & Red Logo
    99 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • Nancy Handwork - 9 years ago

    Did this come from a color photograph??? I was surprised his fatigues are Army green and not Air Force blue-grey like my brother wore in 1958 when he was a pilot. I love the setup and colors you have found. Good luck!!

  • Ken Ayers - 9 years ago

    The yellow/red variant got my vote because it is the attention-grabber, as Lloyd indicated, whereas the red/blue is more an extension of the livery of the aeroplane (which already captures the colours of the flag) and the white/blue seems washed out by comparison.

  • Lloyd Collins II - 9 years ago

    I like the yellow/red logo, because it stands out more, to get your attention.

    I first thought the red/blue looked best, because of the white letters, it came out red/white/blue, the American flag. But then the plane has the colors, so having the logo stand out, for me, is more important.

  • michael kirk - 9 years ago

    actually like them all!

  • Andres WieCheRink MfA - 9 years ago

    I remember the yellow with red outline from the Caniff publications...
    wayout the most comic strip like visualization.

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