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In your most recent physician or hospital encounter, were your electronic records from other providers available and reviewed? (Poll Closed)

  • No
    219 votes

  • Yes
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Posted 7 months.


  • Mobile Man - 7 months ago

    Are you kidding me? That only happens on TV!

  • Clarence - 7 months ago

    Visited Epic site, past visits were also Epic sites. And I wasn't able to convince the clinical staff that I interacted with that pulling the information was possible.

    Also I'm a former Epic Employee and was able to connect my records via MyChartCentral afterwards - but it was pretty frustrating experience since I know that this should have been achievable.

    Recommendation to Epic: Produce external facing documentation that patients can reference for coaching clinical staff on how to pull their records from other Epic sites.

  • Greg - 7 months ago

    I went to a specialist outside of my PCP group and they were able to pull up charts and previous tests. However, it wasn't obvious that the information was available and they didn't know about it until I let them know the tests had already been done.

  • McKenzie - 7 months ago

    I haven't been to an outside provider in a couple of years, so there wasn't anything to show or review. Had there been, that information would have been available. (My health care system uses Epic.)

  • Brittney - 7 months ago

    Last time I saw my PCP, my notes/medication from an u releated urgent care clinic were in my chart and I was asked about the issue/outcome. I was impressed that it was there without me having to do anything.

  • Susan Hull - 7 months ago

    We all have to pick up this tent and encourage, educate patients about the power of understanding and collecting their longitudinal health story and also steps to support their own consumer mediated health exchange. Patients expect that we as health care providers already have this information and do not realize we are so early on in this journey. Thanks for asking!

  • Mo - 7 months ago

    A recent KLAS interoperablity report said that only 26% of respondents had frequent access to external data from another EHR system, and only 6% used that data in a manner that impacted patient care. KLAS calls this the Interoperability Home Run. Providers today are only just beginning to on-board to the national interop solutions (CommonWell, Carequality, Surescripts NRLS, etc.) which are expected to solve this challenge. Every year we think we're getting closer; but as of the end of 2016, we still have quite a distance to go.

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