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  • BioShock: The Collection

  • XCOM 2

Posted 7 months.


  • drd7of14 - 6 months ago

    Man, Bioshock decimated Xcom 2

  • some random - 6 months ago

    Well? It's Friday. Make the decision. Choose wisely.

    Also, Bioshock.

  • javier - 7 months ago


  • Boo - 7 months ago

    Bioshock. Games blew my mind so hard when I first played each one of them.

  • Alberto - 7 months ago


  • Elisa - 7 months ago


  • javier - 7 months ago


  • Paige - 7 months ago


  • jesus morales - 7 months ago

    come on guys, we all know tha bioshock is gonna won, sabemos ya que bioshock ganara y nos temos saido que bioshock vai ganhar

  • Smitty Werben Manjensen - 7 months ago

    Bioshock toda la vida papa!!!

  • los rataboxers la tiene adentro - 7 months ago

    Bioshock ya tiene 10 años!! si todabia no lo jugaste eres un niño rata, vota por Xcom 2!!

  • VoteForBioshock - 7 months ago

    Would all of you kindly vote for bioshock

  • Bevan - 7 months ago

    I voted Xcom but I Bioshock isnt bad but I already got it sonce its my fomavorite game, Xcom is on top of my wishlist is this would be. Agreat chance for me. I know its only 1 game vs 3. Dont judge me. If you really like Bioshock so much so much then youve shouldeve gotten it already and if you plaued it once through its not fun anymore. Thats my opinion on the matter

  • EricG909 - 7 months ago

    I love to see you idiots fight over this! ???? Entertain me lol , oh and Xcom bitches!.....

  • bumpynuks - 7 months ago

    Always love going back to Bioshock, I already have XCOM 2 on PC and it's a great game but i'm tired of going to my PS3 to play Bioshock.

  • XxXpanda8earXxX - 7 months ago

    If you kindly vote for Bioshock, I'll let you be my big daddy ;)

  • Boi - 7 months ago

    3 games for half off? Why is their even another option!?

  • Matt - 7 months ago

    For the ones saying why vote for what you already own. The only one I own is XCom 2, sorry.

  • Abby Normal - 7 months ago

    Bioshock sucks, XCOM2 is superbly better.
    Vote XCOM2.
    All you Bioshock trolls need to put down the crack pipe.

  • john - 7 months ago


  • vote xcom 2 - 7 months ago

    lol fanboys voting for games they've already played

  • Xcomm2sucks - 7 months ago

    For those of you ignorant enough to assume "everyone" owns Bioshock, consider the fact that many people sold their PS3 when the PS4 was released and may not have picked up the collection yet. Besides, only a complete liberal moron would pick 1 game over 3.

  • Moogle-Chocobo Love Child - 7 months ago

    I voted XCOM because why the fuck would I buy Bioshock again? How do all of you fanboys not already own the Bioshock games? Get your shit together.

  • Screw X cunt - 7 months ago

    Bioshock,duh!! Who the hell want XCUNT2?

  • Anonymous - 7 months ago

    Vote for Bioshock you pricks.

  • Michael Jackson's Ghost - 7 months ago

    The only choice is Bioshock. People who want XCunt 2, are ignorant and liberal as heeell. Best be fukken voting 4 the BioShaq Collection!

  • Donald Trump - 7 months ago

    Vote XCOM2! XCOM two is amazzzing, its fantastic is the most amazing game in the history of games. Ivanka agrees.

    Those aliens are a bunch of tough hombres. They bring their drugs, their disease and sure, I suppose some are decent but it doesnt matter. I beat XCOM2 by building a huge wall around the earth, AND i made those dirty aliens pay.

    Now I can have my pee parties with Putin in confidence there will be no invassion.. from aliens at least.

  • America - 7 months ago

    Bioshock! I've been wanting to get it.

  • Loona - 7 months ago

    Vote XCOM.
    We already have the complete bioshock collection on PS Now.
    And the remastered PS4 version is always reduced!

  • Loona - 7 months ago

    Vote XCOM.
    We already have the complete bioshock collection on PS Now.
    And the remastered PS4 version is always reduced!

  • Bret - 7 months ago

    Bioshock cuz it's amazing !!!!!!

  • Former - 7 months ago

    Bioshock! Xcom is trash on console. It is a good game, just better with those mods on pc.

  • Xcom - 7 months ago

    Oh great were gonna get repackaged bioshock looks like. The fps trash will be 9.99 in a month bc anybody who wants these games already has them. Mind numbingly boring gameplay vs a game that takes skill, time and strategy. Clear choice for all these trolls.

  • Candysmoke - 7 months ago

    Bioshock is the way to go ... xcom is an awesome game but on pc

  • JonaH - 7 months ago

    BIoshock people !!!!!!!!
    lets get ourselves some quality games!?!?!?!?

  • AwesomeKiller09 - 7 months ago

    Bioshock the Collection.A amazing bundle of games.

  • Basada - 7 months ago

    Why vote for games you already own? Seriously every one crying about Bioshock already owns all of them (a lot multiple times i.e. Old system, new system, and or pc) I would rather people pick games they don't already have than force a sell on something most people won't even buy because they already own them.

  • Bio Shock Lord - 7 months ago

    Vote BioShock. XCOM2 is straight up garbage on console... If you want XCom2 pick it up on pc.. BioShock for console BioShock BioShock BioShock BioShock.......

  • Robert Hyer - 7 months ago

    Bioshock.... 3 games over 1. Easy choice!

  • Dmd - 7 months ago

    Xcom2 all the way

  • Malin - 7 months ago

    Came down to a new game or 3 old ones.

  • The hell is wrong with you - 7 months ago

    Seriously, you're about to choose 1 half baked "strategy" game over 2 well done and 1 ehhh game. Not only that but you can get XCOM for cheaper than PSN is going to offer (yes cheaper than the 50% discount) on the PC/MAC. You don't even need a good computer to run it because of how little goes on.

  • Vote 4 Bioshock - 7 months ago

    Lol, who actually wants that stupid alien bullshite? Bioshock all the way you cunts.

  • Luis - 7 months ago

    Vote for XCOM2, we already have lots of action games and not much strategy games on ps4, its like adavance wars, final fantasy tactics, fire emblem and valkyeria chronicles, its old title vs new

  • Anonymous - 7 months ago

    Bioshock FTW

  • Noor Khaldi - 7 months ago

    1 Bioshock to go please.

  • Tony - 7 months ago

    Vote for Bioshock, it's three games in one, much better than xcom2

  • Faceoff - 7 months ago

    X-com! And I don't even own a ps4. I do have X-com 2 on pc of course.

  • A1 - 7 months ago

    I'm ready to get spliced up again!

  • Splint - 7 months ago

    Who would pick an old game over a new one? Besides, XCOM 2 will last you longer than Bioshock since things can go wrong in any moment, making it so each playthrough feels unique

  • Cocacolakid825 - 7 months ago

    3 games with all their DLC 50% off or one game 50% off. I think the choice is clear here.

  • RapturesAssassin - 7 months ago

    A man chooses a slave obeys, Would you kindly choose bioshock.

  • XCOM - 7 months ago

    XCOM 2 all the way..
    I don't see myself ever playing bioshock AGAIN.

  • Rambo818 - 7 months ago

    Would you kindly vote for Bioshock...

  • David - 7 months ago

    XCOM 2. Love strategy and I don't see XCOM on sale much

  • Dwayne - 7 months ago

    Definitely, Bioshock.

  • Monkey D. Luffy - 7 months ago

    Nope picking XCOM2

  • Anonymous - 7 months ago

    What he said

  • Jeff goldbloum - 7 months ago

    U niggas better fucking vote for bioshock

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