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Posted 8 months.


  • Leslie - 7 months ago

    Yes, Paxathon, please. A true journeyman of the movies.

  • Lauren Bycroft - 8 months ago

    This was SO hard! All three of these options would make for such a great show and I want to watch all three of these options! Or in the case of Frailty, rewatch. Ultimately I went with Frailty though because Bill Paxton was just so great and the film is SO underrated.

  • Paul Foster - 8 months ago

    Bill Paxton was one of the first actors I became interested in when I first developed a serious interest in movies. The first time I saw him was in Aliens, where he stole every scene he was in with his portrayal of the panicked, and ultimately heroic, Hudson. I was in my late teens and it was the late 80s early 90s so I couldn't look up his filmography on IMDb to find out what else I could see I'm in. My main resource was my local video store where I would scour the walls or rummage through the ex rentals in the bargain bin for anything I could find. One oddity I found was The Man With Three Arms (The Dark Backward in the US), which was a really grubby, odd comedy that I could never quite work out if I liked or not.
    I didn't follow him so closely in the last few years, but it was always a lovely surprise when I was watching a movie that I didn't know he was in and he would show up, Nightcrawler being a good recent example. It's strange to think that, that won't happen any more and I think the movies will be much poorer for it.

  • LLewis - 8 months ago

    Liked the Dressmaker. Sort of a modern take on the Heiress but meaner and a lot more fun.

    Had to pick Frailty just for the Paxtathon. My favorite Paxton moment is in Aliens....of course the scene where he whines "Game over". That is one of those movie moments that sticks in your mind.

  • Joe Z. - 8 months ago

    YES! I just rewatched Frailty two nights ago. Great, underrated movie. RIP Bill Paxton. Shades of Rust in McConaughey's excellent performance too - was this when he first started being great?

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